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Canister Vacuum on Furniture

The 9 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners in 2017

Rankings of the 9 best cheap vacuum cleaners for 2017, split into the top 3 stick vacuums, top 3 upright vacuum cleaners, and top 3 canister vacuums.

Best Cheap Stick Vacuum Cleaners in 2017


Von Haus
2 in 1
Dirt Devil SimpliStik Bissell PowerEdge
Overall Ranking 95 94 90


Price 19 20 17
Performance 19 19 19
Durability 18 19 18
Features 19 16 18
Value 20 20 18
Weight (lb) 3.5 3.8 7.1
Motor (amps) 1.13 1.25 6
Head Width (in) 9 9 11
Cord Length (in) 19.5 16 20


Functionality Stick, Handheld Stick, Handheld Stick
Cord Storage Wrap Outside Wrap Outside Wrap Outside
Tool Attachments Crevice Crevice N/A
Dirt Cup Bagless Bagless Bagless
Warranty (Years) 1 1 1
Filter HEPA Standard Standard
Other N/A N/A V-Shaped Vacuum Head


Hardwood Yes Yes Yes
Hard-Surface Yes Yes Yes
Low-Pile Carpeting Most Some Most
Medium-Pile Carpeting Some No Some
High-Pile Carpeting No No No
Stairs Yes Yes Some
Furniture Some Some No


Retail Price (as of 03/20/17) $37.99 $19.95 $58.99
Purchasing Options See It on Amazon Learn More on Amazon View It on Amazon


Top Cheap Upright Vacuums in 2017


Bissell CleanView Hoover WindTunnel Shark Navigator
Overall Ranking 95 94 93


Price 20 18 15
Performance 19 18 20
Durability 18 18 18
Features 18 20 20
Value 20 20 20
Weight (lb) 15.5 16.5 13.7
Motor (amps) 10 12 10
Head Width (in) 13.5 13.5 9.5
Cord Length (in) 25 25 30


Functionality Upright Upright Upright, Canister, Dust Mop
Cord Storage Wrap Outside Cord Rewind Inside Machine Wrap Outside
Tool Attachments Crevice, Dusting, TurboBrush, Extension Crevice, Dusting, Air Powered Hand Tool, Extension Crevice, Dusting, Pet Power Brush, Dust-Away Attachment
Dirt Cup Bagless Bagless Bagless
Warranty (Years) 2 2 5
Filter Standard HEPA HEPA
Other One Pass Technology, Adjustable Head Height, Wind Tunnel Technology, Head Bumper, Adjustable Head Height Lift Away, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology


Hardwood Most Most Most
Hard-Surface Some Some Most
Low-Pile Carpeting Yes Yes Yes
Medium-Pile Carpeting Yes Yes Yes
High-Pile Carpeting Yes Yes Yes
Stairs Some Some Yes
Furniture Yes Yes Yes


Retail Price (as of 03/20/17) $69.99 $90.47 $149.87
Purchasing Options Check Prices on Amazon Read More on Amazon Shop It on Amazon


Best Cheap Canister Vacuums in 2017


Bissell Zing Rewind Eureka Mighty Mite Ovente Featherlite
Overall Ranking 96 95 94


Price 20 19 19
Performance 19 19 18
Durability 19 20 18
Features 18 18 20
Value 20 19 19
Weight (lb) 10 9 12
Motor (amps) 9 12 12
Head Width (in) 10 12 12
Cord Length (in) 15 20 15.7


Functionality Canister Canister, Air Blower Canister
Cord Storage Cord Rewind Inside Machine Wrap Outside Cord Rewind Inside Machine
Tool Attachments Combination Crevice/Dusting, Extension Crevice, Dusting, Extension Crevice/Bristel Combo
Dirt Cup Bagless Bagged Bagless
Warranty (Years) 1 1 1
Filter Standard Standard HEPA
Other N/A N/A Adjustable Vacuum Handle and Pole


Hardwood Yes Yes Yes
Hard-Surface Yes Yes Yes
Low-Pile Carpeting Yes Yes Most
Medium-Pile Carpeting Some Some Some
High-Pile Carpeting No No No
Stairs Yes Yes Yes
Furniture Yes Yes Yes


Retail Price (as of 03/20/17) $48.99 $60.35 $65.00
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Read below for our full detailed review on each of the 9 best cheap vacuum cleaners in 2017!

Everybody loves great products, and everybody loves them even more when they’re cheap. In the old days, if you paid a low price for something, it was either poor quality, a knock-off, or both. That’s not the case with cheap vacuum cleaners today. In our society of advanced technology, manufacturing and innovation, market competition has allowed consumers to purchase high quality products at lower prices. Some of the best, cheap vacuum cleaners fall into this category of high quality appliances offered at lower prices.

Best Cheap Stick Vacuum

  • This article is broken down into different sections to make it easier to navigate for our readers. Below is a Table of Contents, which will allow you to jump to different sections of the article. Only looking for a cheap canister vacuum? Feel free to use the table of contents to scroll down to the best cheap canister vacuum section.
    If you like to perform a full spectrum of due diligence before making a purchase, and you want to learn about cheap vacuums, our ranking criteria, sticks, uprights, and canisters, then please feel free to read the guide from the top.

    Table of Contents

    Who Buys
    Cheap Vacuum Cleaners?

    The word “cheap” has a bad rap. “Cheap” is associated with people who are stingy, sneaky or dishonest. However, when it comes to “cheap” products, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Everyone in this tough economical time is looking to purchase products they want at the lowest possible costs. Even millionaires and billionaires look for great deals, steals, and low prices – one of the reasons many millionaires are financially successful is because of their excellent money management! So it’s important that we start off by saying, it’s not a bad thing to shop for cheap vacuum cleaners.

    Cheap Shopper for Vacuum

    Throughout our ultimate buying guide, the phrase “cheap vacuum cleaners” does not mean knock-off, ineffective, or low-quality. Instead, we’ve used the word “cheap” to indicate inexpensive, affordable, budget, great value, or discounted/on sale vacuum cleaners.

    Wait a second, but don’t you get what you pay for?

    Yes and no. That phrase still holds true in many aspects. A $400 vacuum cleaner will most likely be more powerful, have more features, and be made of higher quality materials than a $50 vacuum cleaner. However, there are several $150-$200 dollar vacuum cleaners that can measure up well against even the $500 dollar vacuums. So it’s important to note that price alone does not indicate the value of a product.

    Additionally, many individuals or families don’t need the bells and whistles that come with a $500 dollar vacuum cleaner. If you live in a small apartment, you will not need a vacuum with 20 amps of power, 15 attachments, and the longest electrical cord. That’s where our Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners guide comes into play. There are hundreds of inexpensive vacuum cleaners on the market that are more than sufficient for your needs, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. After comparing the different models and making and compromises, you’ll be able to find several options that fit exactly what you’re looking for and won’t break the bank.

    People who shop for cheap vacuum cleaners are looking for the following:

    1. Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaners

    The most common definition of cheap vacuum cleaners are ones that are inexpensive in price. People search for inexpensive vacuums because they are affordable and fit into your budget.

    Some shoppers might want the most inexpensive vacuum cleaner based on price alone, regardless of a lack of features, performance shortfalls, or reduced durability. An example of this shopper might be an individual who vacuums once a month, and doesn’t want to spend money on a vacuum used sparingly.

    On the other hand, there are people who can afford an expensive vacuum cleaner but they simply prefer an inexpensive one. Many rich people have made their fortune managing their money well. They’re financially able to purchase a $500 Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum, but they’ve set a strict budget for a household vacuum. These individuals prefer a $150 affordable vacuum cleaner without all the bells and whistles that is more than sufficient to complete the job.

    2. Biggest Bang for Your Buck Vacuums

    Biggest bang for your buck vacuums are vacuums that provide the best value for your money. Therefore, it’s possible that a biggest bang for your bucket shopper may purchase the $50-dollar vacuum or the $200-dollar vacuum. Their decision will incorporate not only price, but what the vacuum comes with – the suction power, smart features, warranty, etc. If this biggest bang for your buck shopper thinks the $50-dollar vacuum is worth $60 dollars, but the $200-dollar vacuum is worth $300 dollars, s/he will opt for the $200-dollar model.

    Most shoppers in this category realize that for electronics and appliances, the higher the price, the lower the value, and prefer “cheaper” vacuum cleaners for better value. It’s safe to say that this $350 Dyson V6 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum is a better vacuum than this $30 Bissell 3-in-1 Corded Stick Vacuum, but is it more than 10x better?

    3. Inferior/Weaker/Smaller Vacuum Cleaners

    This next category can be confusing. Why would someone intentionally shop for cheap vacuum cleaners that are inferior, weaker or smaller than a typical vacuum cleaner? The answer is because they don’t need a superior, stronger, or bigger vacuum cleaner. An example of this shopper is a family with a large house in the country that has a heavy-duty, top of the line upright vacuum cleaner for weekly deep vacuuming. However, their kitchen and living rooms accumulate a lot of hair throughout the week from their dogs, and they want something cheap, small, and less powerful simply to vacuum up pet hair. Our top 3 stick vacuum cleaners, which are between $20 and $60 would be perfect for their family.

    Additionally, if you live in a studio apartment, there are many vacuum features you don’t need. Battery life (if cordless) is not important since a 15-minute charge is all you need for a small apartment. Size of the dirt bag or cup is not a deal breaker since one full vacuuming of a small apartment shouldn’t exceed any dirt bag size. Lastly, some people may tolerate a slightly heavier and less ergonomic vacuum cleaner since they will only be vacuuming 30 minutes per month. Battery life, size of dirt cup, and ergonomic design are all features advertised for higher end vacuums, and may not be necessary for small jobs.

    4. Discounted/On Sale Vacuums

    The last meaning of “cheap” is vacuum cleaners that are discounted or on sale. There are many high-quality vacuum cleaners that can be discounted and go on sale. If you’re able to snag one of these on sale devices, you’ll get a great return on investment.

    Vacuum Sale Discounted Price

    This category is a grab bag. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and during the holidays, is when you see some of the sweetest deals on appliances. However, big retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart may randomly discount products based on inventory, trends or newer model lines. Always keep your eye out for great deals! No one will be laughing that you paid $81.66 for a Shark Vacuum that normally costs $129.99 (which as of the time of this writing can be found by clicking here for that exact sale deal).

    Without further ado, let’s jump right into the criteria we used to rank the top three uprights, canisters, and sticks for the best cheap vacuum cleaners.

    How We Ranked the
    Best Cheap Vacuums

    In our ultimate guide to the best cheap vacuum cleaners, we’ve ranked the top three (3) best cheap vacuum cleaners in the three main categories: uprights, canisters, and sticks.

    We’ve ranked these vacuums based on five (5) criteria that we felt were most important for a consumer searching for the best cheap vacuum cleaner. They were price, performance, durability, features, and value, and we will discuss these criteria more in-depth below.

    Who the heck are we, why do we have so many vacuums, and why have we ranked these vacuum cleaners?

    We’re a green cleaning company called GreenAir Cleaning based in New York City and have provided cleaning services for hundreds of commercial and residential clients since 2011. Throughout the life of our company, we’ve vacuumed various apartments, offices, homes, and buildings, and we’ve purchased and used countless vacuum cleaners. We’ve purchased vacuum cleaners from all sorts of vendors – Amazon, Walmart, Oreck, Hoover, our local shops, Sears, Home Depot, Costco, and more. If the store has a vacuum cleaner section, we normally peruse the aisle for our next machine. Based on our vast experience in the industry, we wanted to share our personal opinions on these impressive machines and the ones we’ve found were the best and the cheapest.

    This review is specifically for cheap (or cheaper) vacuum cleaners. As a business, cost of equipment is extremely important because it impacts our bottom line. Similarly, performance is extremely important since we need to ensure our customers’ floors and carpets are free of dust, dirt, and hair. Therefore, we’ve strategically gone through dozens of different vacuums to find the best vacuums at the best prices.

    In addition to price and performance, we evaluated a vacuum’s durability and machine features. We’ve found that these four criteria (price, performance, durability, features) in addition to value, are the five most important criteria when searching for the best cheap vacuum cleaners. In our rankings, each vacuum cleaner was scored on a scale from 1-20. The overall score of the vacuum cleaner is the sum of these five scores.

    Let’s talk more about the five criteria.

    1. Price

    The price criterion was the most objective factor to evaluate. This ranking is based on the retail price of the vacuum cleaner (as of this article), the relative cost compared to other similar vacuums and all vacuums, and the cost of maintenance, bags, and other accessories.

    Since we were ranking the best cheap vacuum cleaners, our goal was to find vacuums as cheap (and close to $0) as possible. We ideally wanted to evaluate and include vacuums that were under $100 dollars, and 8 out of the 9 are under $100 dollars. The only vacuum cleaner above $100 is a high-quality, all-around machine that competes regularly with the $300+ vacuums and regularly earns a spot as the “Best Vacuum Cleaner”. This particular vacuum ranked 3rd in its respective category, but deserves a long look from consumers in the $150 price range looking for tremendous value.

    Adam Smith, in the book The Wealth of Nations, stated that “Market Dictates Price” and it’s evident that the market is pushing the cost of vacuum cleaners to be more affordable for the average household income.

    2. Performance

    Vacuum cleaner performance is a broad category that encompasses suction power, versatility, and maneuverability.

    Canister Vacuum Sucking Dirt Off Carpet

    Suction power describes how strongly a vacuum can suck up dirt, dust and hair. Suction power can be separated into amps (which most vacuums are measured in), watts, water lift, airflow, and other measurable factors. It’s important to note that a vacuum’s power specifications (like watts) does not directly correlate to its suction power. The two are related, but it’s important not to think that a vacuum with 20 watts will automatically have more suction power than a vacuum with 18 watts.

    The “power” specifications, amps and watts, are basically the amount of energy or electricity a vacuum uses. Water lift measures how well a vacuum can lift debris off the ground. Airflow measures the amount of air that moves from the surface with dirt through the vacuum and into the dirt bag. While amps are the most advertised measurable of suction power, there are other factors as well that play an important role.

    Versatility refers to how well the vacuum performs on different floor materials like hardwood, tile, and carpeting. How does the vacuum adapt to different surfaces? Versatility also refers to a vacuum’s performance on non-floor surfaces such as stairs, sofas, upholstery, furniture, walls, ceilings, and more. How flexible is the appliance and can it be used to tackle different non-floor surfaces? Versatility may also include additional functions (like air blowing, wet/dry, etc.) and how well the vacuum can change functions if applicable.

    Maneuverability is self-explanatory and refers to how easy the machine can be assembled, used, cleaned, and put away. It includes ease of use, ergonomic design, weight, handle design, head steering ability, and more.

    3. Durability

    According to, durability is defined as “the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage“.

    We ranked each vacuum’s ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage by the quality of its material, its product design and mechanical build, and any wear and tear preventative mechanisms on the machine.

    Vacuum cleaners are made from a combination of plastic, metal, and rubber, and there are several different material grades, strengths, densities, and properties that determine the integrity of each appliance. In the mid 1900’s, vacuum cleaners used to be primarily made from metals like steel and aluminum for their durability even though they had tremendous size, weight, and bulkiness. Modern vacuums have evolved and are primarily made from high impact plastics like ABS plastic, which is lightweight, strong, and economical.

    Our best cheap vacuums all basically followed the same breakdown of being made mostly from plastic with metal and rubber parts and connections dispersed throughout the machine. Similarly, most of the vacuums in their respective categories were made from similar grade materials, which were generally the most economical materials.

    Product design and build points out any design flaws that may diminish the longevity of the product or any awkward connections.

    Durability also includes the product warranty and to some degree the brand name and reputation behind the product.

    4. Features

    The types of features you can find on a vacuum cleaner are endless. There are new features being developed every day. In our technological society, are you surprised that some robot vacuum cleaners can stand on their own and have video cameras included to video record the path of the vacuum?

    Robot Stand Alone Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners offer several different features that aim to make vacuuming easier, faster, and more convenient. Certain features are more desirable depending on your space, your needs, and your preferences. In order to examine a comprehensive list of features, we split it up into three sections: smart features, performance features, and tool attachments.

    Smart features are features that we feel are progressive, healthy, intuitive, and convenient. These include HEPA filters, bagless dirt cups, and fingertip device controls.

    Performance features are features that make the tasks of vacuuming easier or faster. These include cord length, adjustable head heights, cord rewind, and special performance technologies.

    Lastly, tool attachments include any tools that the device comes with like a crevice tool, dusting brush, or powered brushes.

    Green Recycling Landfills

    As a green cleaning company, we placed greater value on features that were environmentally friendly. We prefer reusable dirt/dust cups because it reduces the number of paper or plastic bags in landfills. Reusable dirt cups are also economical since consumers don’t have to purchase replacement bags throughout the life of the vacuum that can add up to a hundred dollars per year.

    On the flip side, proponents of disposable dirt/dust bags say that using disposable bags adds another layer of filtration (the bag itself) and therefore reduces the amount of dust particles and allergens circulated by the vacuum. They bring up a good point, but instead of relying on the dirt bag to perform filtration duties, we’d prefer to purchase a vacuum with a top filtration system such as a HEPA filter.

    Which brings us to our next machine feature: filtration. All vacuum cleaners operate in the same way. There are motors that propel fans inside the machine that create a vacuum. This vacuum allows air to rush through the machine from the vacuum cleaner head, through the filter and dirt cup, and out the exhaust. Every vacuum cleaner naturally emits some dust, dirt, and allergen particles with the air that is released through the exhaust. Good filters can trap more dust, dirt and allergen particles without releasing them back into the air.

    We’ve placed significant value on indoor air quality because its health benefits to humans. One of the best filters is called HEPA, which is a type of mechanical air filter that stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air or High-Efficient Particulate Arrestance. HEPA filters are made from a mat of fibers that the airflow must pass through, which is where the HEPA filter intercepts, traps and removes particles. In order to be qualified as HEPA, a filter must be able to remove a certain percentage of particles from the air and this number is usually more than 99% efficiency. HEPA filter vacuum cleaners can be more expensive for a few reasons. Primarily, the filter on a HEPA is more expensive to manufacture, but secondly, the vacuum cleaner must use more energy and power to create the vacuum to pull air through the tight spaces of the filter. HEPA filters can be found in many devices such as vacuums, air conditioners, cars, and air planes, as well as in many facilities such as hospitals, labs, and airports.

    5. Value

    Finally, we looked at each vacuum cleaner’s offering compared to its cost, and determined its value. This final ranking factor is directly related to cost, which together make up 2 of the 5 criteria. We decided to place an extra emphasis on cost, since this article is about the best cheap vacuum cleaners.

    Value also indicates certain principles or ideals that are important to someone. Therefore we’ve included factors such as environmental friendliness and design into this category since they are important to us. We would be happy to pay $40 for the same vacuum that costs $30, if it was made from reused plastics, used 20% less energy (which will save money on electric bills), and was made in the United States.

    Without further ado, and now, the top rated cheap vacuum cleaners…

    Top 3 Best Cheap
    Stick Vacuum Cleaners

    Stick vacuum cleaners are defined by their shape and weight; they are thin, light and look like a stick. Compared to upright vacuums and due to their size, stick vacuums are generally less powerful, easier to store and maneuver, and intended for smaller jobs.

    Typical Stick Vacuum Specifications

    Price Range: $20.00 – $200.00
    Weight Range: 3 lbs to 10 lbs
    Intended Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface flooring, small apartments, small jobs, basic daily or weekly maintenance

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    1st Place Vacuum Cleaner

    VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum

    The VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Stick Vacuum ranked first in our best cheap vacuum review with a score of 91 out of 100. Equipped with smart features, a powerful motor, and an affordable price tag, VonHaus has developed a versatile stick vacuum cleaner that has mass appeal for the millennial consumer.

    VonHaus Stick Vacuum Quick Summary

    Price: $37.99
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, some low-pile carpeting and rugs
    Pros: Strong performance, HEPA filter, bagless dirt cup, extended warranty, sleek and smart design
    Cons: Slightly pricier than some competitors, average maneuverability, uncertain durability

    VonHaus 3 Colors Stick Vacuum

    Minimal Price of the VonHaus Stick Vacuum

    Retail Price

    Our gold medal VonHaus stick vacuum cleaner costs $37.99 (as of the time of this article being published on March 20th, 2017).

    Price Comparison to Competitors

    Compared to the other two top three stick vacuums in our rankings, the VonHaus is middle of the pack, with the lowest price being $19.99 and the highest price being $58.99. Compared to the general stick vacuum market, the VonHaus falls in the lower-middle end of the spectrum but still in the middle of the pack. Compared to all vacuum cleaners, the VonHaus at $37.99 is one of the cheapest options you can purchase. Most consumers will feel comfortable spending less than $40 bucks for a high quality modern appliance.

    Maintenance, Bags, Accessories Cost

    The VonHaus is bagless, which will save you hundreds of dollars in replacement bag costs over its lifetime. You will have to clean the HEPA filter every month or two, and replace the HEPA filter approximately once a year with weekly usage. A new filter costs $8.99 and can be purchased through here: VonHaus HEPA Filter.
    It comes with two tools: a built-in crevice tool and an everyday floor head. A dusting brush tool attachment would have been a nice easy addition as well. We haven’t tried to, but you can probably find a compatible dusting brush tool online for around $10 dollars.

    VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum Strong Performance

    The VonHaus jumps when you turn the machine on. You literally feel the powerful little machine at the end of the stick. The performance of this machine was simply one step above the rest of the competition.

    VonHaus Powerful Stick Vacuum

    Suction Power

    The VonHaus’ suction power is measured at approximately 1.13 amps and can suck up any dust, dirt, hair, and even heavier particles such as small debris. Vacuums that use HEPA filtration must also use extra powerful motors to make up for the tightly layered filter, and the VonHaus doesn’t disappoint. Along wall edges, you can hear the amount of suction power pulling in anything it can from the bottom of the wall. Utilizing the crevice tool is no different and it actually concentrates the suction power into an even smaller opening, thus creating more inward force. The VonHaus has a voracious appetite and you will not be disappointed by its suction power.


    We were happy with the VonHaus’ versatility when it came to vacuuming different types of floorings and other non-floor surfaces such as stairs or furniture. It can tackle hardwood and hard-surface floors beautifully. Low-pile carpeting is a bit more difficult, but it can still remove the dust, and most of the hair and dirt leaving behind any really deep debris.
    The machine can be turned into a handheld device and used with the crevice tool which is great for couch cushions, between furniture, underneath furniture, or in tough-to-reach, narrow places. The machine is lightweight and can be easily carried by its handle to vacuum a set of stairs.


    The VonHaus has above-average maneuverability, but it didn’t blow us away. The main vacuum is attached to the handle (that you hold to push and turn with) by a thin metal rod. Therefore, you are pushing, turning, twisting and maneuvering the main vacuum machine from a handle that is quite far away. This leads to some tight steering and stiff turning, and a lot of pressure on the user’s hand and wrist. Nevertheless, it did feel more versatile than the other two top-3 stick vacuums in the best cheap vacuum cleaner rankings. Inherently due to their long narrow design, stick vacuums will feel more rigid when it comes to maneuverability.

    Durability of the VonHaus 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

    Material Quality

    The VonHaus was easy to assemble, easy to use, and lightweight at only 3.5 pounds. The machine, like most other vacuums, is made from a hard, high-density plastic, with some rubber and metal pieces mixed in. Overall, the quality of the machine felt very high-grade.

    VonHaus 2 in 1 Close Up of Material Quality

    Machine Build & Design

    We felt that there were design flaws that could possibly affect this vacuum cleaner’s longevity. As mentioned above, the thin metal rod connecting the handle to the main vacuum seems tenuous. Some of the connecting pieces were also questionable. The handle has a switch to turn the machine on and off (in addition to the main switch on the main vacuum), which is very handy so you don’t have to bend down. However, the switch simply pushes a peg in or out which connects to the vacuum and turns it on or off. This in and of itself isn’t a big deal, but the fact that the metal rod can be removed from the main vacuum, seems like it was a poor design idea. Besides that, the floor head connects to the main vacuum just by pushing it in and the pieces connect via friction, rather than a locking mechanism.


    The VonHaus 2 in 1 Corded Stick comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Even with a relatively short warranty, we liked that you could register your product online for a free extended warranty (we haven’t registered the product yet, but it’s assumably for at least another 1 year). The original 1 year manufacturer warranty plus the free extended warranty placed this vacuum at the head of the pack.

    VonHaus Stick Vacuum Ideal Features

    The VonHaus ranked as the best cheap vacuum cleaner in the stick category and set itself apart from the competition with unrivaled features. The gold medal winner combined a couple of important smart features, with a couple of performance features, that checked off our boxes.

    Smart Features

    HEPA filtration is the VonHaus’ special smart feature. Most vacuums in the stick category and at this price point don’t utilize a HEPA filter because of the increased mechanical cost needed to power the vacuum motor, and the HEPA filter cost itself. HEPA filtration is very important to the indoor air quality of any home environment. It’s quite disgusting when you turn on a vacuum cleaner and you see a cloud of dust particles disperse into the air from the vacuum’s resting exhaust. While all vacuums come with some type of filter, the HEPA filter will trap and remove at least 99% of particles, and reduce the amount of dust and allergens dispersed into the air, and sets the bar a lot higher for cleaner air.

    VonHaus Bagless Dirt Cup and HEPA Filter

    Another smart feature is its on/off handle switch so you don’t need to bend over to turn it on or off. It’s ergonomic, useful, and simple to use, yet anyone who vacuums regularly can appreciate not having to bend over to turn it off to unplug it.
    Lastly, the 2 in 1 incorporates a large capacity, transparent bagless dirt cup. The 1 liter bagless dirt cup can be easily emptied with the push of a button and the see-through cup helped alert us when it was time for emptying.

    Performance Features

    The VonHaus Stick uses a 19.5-foot-long cord (the longest stick vacuum cord measured 20 feet), which was short but sufficient for vacuuming common areas.

    Tools and Accessories

    The VonHaus Stick comes with a floor head and built-in crevice tool. The floor head does its job well and the built-in crevice tool is excellent. We were skeptical about the crevice tool being attached to the machine because we thought it wouldn’t connect well to the opening and would therefore provide lousy suction power. Boy, were we wrong and pleasantly surprised! It’s a rather simple and smart mechanism where the crevice tool is stored and locked on the machine. It can be swung around to the tip of the vacuum, then pushed into the opening to lock it in place. It’s able to maintain all of the suction power of the floor head and doesn’t seem to demonstrate any design or durability flaws.

    VonHaus Stick Crevice Tool Attachment

    Incredible Value from VonHaus

    The VonHaus 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum is our top cheap vacuum cleaner in the stick category, and one of our personal favorites. It’s a true steal for under $40 and provides incredible value for the modern-day consumer.

    The only negatives were limited tool accessories, stiff maneuverability, and some potential durability concerns. We’ve been very happy to overlook these minor “issues” and get a great return on our purchase. Reviews on Amazon and other consumer sites show the vacuum is consistently rated at 4.5/5 stars and above.
    The engineers at VonHaus clearly listened to consumers’ needs and packed a ton of features, performance, and convenience into a well-priced unit. The VonHaus is our top stick pick for best cheap vacuum cleaner.

    The Best Shopping Options for the VonHaus Stick Vacuum

    We’ve found the price to be lowest on Learn more about this unbelievably awesome device from here:

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    Silver Medal Cheap Vacuum Ranking

    Dirt Devil SimpliStik Stick Vacuum

    The Dirt Devil SimpliStik™ Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum grabbed a respectable second place scoring 92 out of 100. The SimpliStik is hands down the most popular stick vacuum on the market due to its unrivaled low price and surprisingly powerful performance. When it first arrived on scene, the SimpliStik was a trailblazer in the vacuum industry setting the benchmark for a discount vacuum’s price – and amazingly to this day, it is still the cheapest new vacuum cleaner you can buy on the market!

    Dirt Devil SimpliStik Summary

    Price: $19.97
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, some very low-pile rugs
    Pros: Lowest price on the market, unmatched value, good performance, tried and tested longevity
    Cons: No smart features, inferior versatility, lack of functionality

    Dirt Devil SimpliStik’s Unrivaled Low Price

    Retail Price

    The Dirt Devil SimpliStik costs $19.96 (as of this writing on March 20th, 2017) on That’s cheaper than two lunches, and by far the cheapest vacuum on this list. On Cyber Monday in 2013, we actually purchased 3 of these little suckers for just $10 dollars a piece!

    Price Comparison to Competitors

    The SimpliStik is the cheapest vacuum cleaner in the stick category, and in any vacuum category. It’s universally the cheapest vacuum cleaner you can buy on the market. You may be able to find a cheaper vacuum that’s discounted on sale, but the price of $19.96 is the cheapest retail price you’ll find.

    Maintenance, Bags, Accessories Cost

    The Dirt Devil SimpliStik is bagless, so you do not have to purchase replacement bags. You’ll be able to help conserve resources and reduce landfills, while also saving some extra money in your wallet. The SimpliStik comes with a crevice tool and the main floor head. Just like the VonHaus, a dusting brush would be nice to use on furniture, but you should be able to find a compatible dusting brush online for around $10 dollars.

    Ample Performance of the SimpliStik

    So, at $19.96, the performance of this vacuum must not be very good, right? On the contrary, the SimpliStik has ample suction power, and good versatility and maneuverability. It’s not top of the line performance specifications, but it will surely get the job done if you use it for basic vacuuming and daily or weekly floor maintenance.

    Dirt Devil SimpliStik Suction Power

    Suction Power

    The Dirt Devil comes with 1.25 amps of power and does a great job vacuuming most dirt, dust and hair off the floor. For comparison sake, the motor and suction power of the SimpliStik is not as commanding as the VonHaus.


    The Dirt Devil SimpliStik’s ability to vacuum different floor surfaces was limited, as is the case with most stick vacuums and cheap vacuum cleaners. Its bread and butter is hardwood floors, and it performs well on hard-surface floors like tile, VCT, and some stone floors. The SimpliStik actually performed quite well on a low-pile entrance rug that we tested it on, removing a significant amount of debris from it. Once you advance to medium to high pile carpeting and rugs, we would suggest upgrading to a stronger vacuum category.
    We’ve used the Dirt Devil on various non-floor surfaces such as upholstery, furniture, beds, and cabinets using the crevice tool with the vacuum in “handheld” mode. Again, quite surprisingly, it’s able to vacuum up dust, dirt and debris very well. We do wish there was at least one other attachment, either a dusting brush or a smaller flat head to have more options while vacuuming non-floor surfaces.


    The Dirt Devil is a small, lightweight, slender machine. With that being said, the SimpliStik operates with a limited range of motion and its maneuverability is average at best. It’s a bit clunky with turning and does not come with a swivel head. Expect to expend more energy and manual labor than you might have imagined operating this vacuum.

    Dirt Devil SimpliStik’s Established Durability

    We purchased a SimpliStik on Cyber Monday in 2013. After almost 3 1/2 years, it still regularly sucks up all the dust, hair and dirt in its path!

    Machine Quality

    The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is simple to set up taking less than 60 seconds to push all the parts together. At 3.8 pounds, the appliance is lightweight and easy to use. The SimpliStik is mostly made from a hard plastic, which seems to be a bit denser than the material on an average stick vacuum.

    Dirt Devil SimpliStik Lightweight Machine

    Machine Design and Build

    The Dirt Devil stick vacuum has a compact design and sturdy connections, which are from just pushing together two pieces. There’s a side holder for the crevice tool which is the only loose eyesore on the machine. Presumably, the engineers opted to use a thicker plastic on the dirt cup instead of a transparent plastic that may be more prone to cracks or breaking.


    It comes with a 1 year limited warranty for parts and motor, which is on par with other stick vacuums.

    SimpliStik’s Lack of Features

    The Dirt Devil SimpliStik doesn’t come with too many features, which is ultimately what gave it second place rather than pushing the VonHaus for first. In the current economy, consumers are more likely to spend a bit more to get features that provide health or convenience benefits.

    Smart Features

    There are no smart features on the Dirt Devil SimpliStik. At its low price point, Dirt Devil decided to focus on performance over modern vacuum elements like a HEPA filter.

    Performance Features

    The SimpliStik is powered by a 16 foot electric cord, 3.5 feet less than the next longest cord. It doesn’t seem like too much, but you will have to re-plug the machine several times for a 750 square foot space cleaning. Just like the other sticks, it uses a bagless dirt cup which can be emptied by pressing a button to detach the machine from itself. The capacity of the dirt cup is average compared to other stick vacuums.

    SimpliStik Crevice Tool

    Tools and Attachments

    As mentioned above, the SimpliStik comes with a crevice tool and the regular floor head. A few additional tools and attachments or at least a dusting brush would have been a great, inexpensive addition for Dirt Devil.

    Tremendous Value for the Dirt Devil SimpliStik

    At a price point of under $20 dollars, the SimpliStik has tremendous, unmatched value for consumers on any budget. If you’re looking for a powerful, lightweight, basic vacuum cleaner, then you will find great appliance in this machine. We were impressed by the amount of value one could get out of this vacuum cleaner and give it a full 20 out of 20 for value.

    Shop the Best Prices for the Dirt Devil SimpliStik

    If you shop at under a Prime account, you will receive Free Shipping and Free Returns, along with a speedy 2-day delivery. You can find the item here on

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    Bronze 3rd Place Vacuum Cleaner

    Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Stick Vacuum

    Finishing in 3rd place in our rankings, the bronze medal goes to the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Stick Vacuum. The PowerEdge is a sleek, durable, powerful machine that does one thing great – vacuum floors.

    Bissell PowerEdge Quick Summary

    Price: $58.99
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, some low-pile carpeting and rugs
    Pros: Excellent suction power, exceptional at vacuuming hardwood and hard-surface floors, top grade durability, excellent maneuverability
    Cons: Lack of functionality and versatility, lack of machine features, no tool attachments

    Bissell PowerEdge’s Higher Price

    Retail Price

    The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Stick Vacuum is listed at $58.99 on (as of March 20th, 2017).

    Price Comparison to Competitors

    The Bissell was the most expensive of the top 3 best cheap stick vacuums at approximately $20 more than the 1st place VonHaus, and 3 times as much as the 2nd place $19.96 Dirt Devil. The Bissell is almost like a more powerful, more durable, better version of the Dirt Devil. The difference between the Bissell and the VonHaus comes down to which features and functions you prefer more, with the VonHaus as a better all-around machine.

    Maintenance, Bags, Accessories Cost

    The PowerEdge is bagless like the other stick vacuums in our top rankings, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacement bags.

    Convincing Performance from the Bissell PowerEdge Stick Vacuum

    Suction Power

    The PowerEdge Stick Vacuum has the most suction power out of the top 3 picks for best cheap stick vacuum cleaner. It has a power rating of 6 amps and a cleaning head width of 11.35 inches, which were both tops in the stick vacuum category. However, with a more powerful vacuum cleaner comes three things: one, a bigger machine, two, a heavier machine, and three, a noisier machine. When you turn on the Bissell Poweredge, you can feel the power. Unlike the other two smaller stick vacuums, the Bissell felt like it can handle the amount of amperage running through it.


    There’s no doubt about it, the Bissell was designed and marketed to tackle dirty hardwood and hard-surface floors. The PowerEdge felt different versus the other two stick vacuums similar to what we stated that it can handle the amount of power running through it. While the other two sticks felt like they were “fighting” the debris, and granted they were winning, the PowerEdge feels like it’s simply consuming the debris and becoming stronger. We never felt like we had to dig deep into dirty floors, we just passed the vacuum over them and the Bissell did its job.

    Bissell PowerEdge Strong Suction Power Performance

    The Bissell PowerEdge is marketed for homes with pets which means it’s especially capable at picking up hair and larger debris (like kibble dry dog food). We’ve used this vacuum in homes and apartments, and we do agree that it’s able to pick up larger debris due to the power and size of the machine.

    The PowerEdge can be used on low pile carpeting and rugs, but may struggle on any soft flooring with higher fibers. In comparison to the other sticks, it performs equally on the rugs and carpeting.


    The Bissell weighs 7.5 pounds and has a swivel head that allows for easier and more ergonomic control of the vacuum. In addition, it’s lightweight compared to its size and power. The vacuum is designed so that a lot of its mass is equally distributed around the center of the stick, so it allows for friendly maneuvering.

    Bissell’s Durability

    The Bissell PowerEdge has a basic assembly required, was easy to use, and relatively lightweight for the power and size. We’ve read reviewers commenting on the flimsy swivel head/neck of the machine and how it breaks easily. Our neck is still intact, but we do agree that this is a design flaw in the machine.

    Material Quality

    The PowerEdge is made mostly of rigid plastic with some metal and rubber components. The material quality feels like its lower grade plastic just by touching it, which was a big negative for this machine.

    Machine Design and Build

    We haven’t experienced any design flaws causing breaks or damages, but we can see issues with the PowerEdge design. The head is connected to the machine by a thin plastic neck, which can swivel via a ball mechanism. It’s safe to say that many people will misuse this machine and put unnecessary pressure on the neck at various angles on the swivel head. If you do use this machine, make sure to not jam this machine into furniture while its swiveled, or you will most likely break its fragile neck.
    Although it does have design flaws, we’re big fans of the heavy-duty design of the PowerEdge. The main component of the machine is very cylindrical and compact, and we think it would be the most physically durable out of the three when it comes to bumping and wear and tear.

    Product Warranty

    The Bissell sports an industry-standard 1 year limited warranty. The customer service seems to be responsive and friendly the two times we’ve called in with an issue, and the Bissell brand is one we trust, so a slight bump was given due to the reputable Bissell Brand.

    Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Unique Features

    Smart Features

    The Bissell PowerEdge’s V-shaped head can be categorized as both a smart feature and performance feature. We decided to place it in the smart feature section because the benefit seemed more innovative than performance related.
    The vacuum head is designed as a V-shape to funnel debris to the center of the head, which is where the most suction power comes from. This allows the PowerEdge to pick up more large debris rather than pass over it. The wings of the V-shape also have regular openings to pick up dust and hair. The head is also able to navigate around legs of furniture and corners more efficiently.

    PowerEdge V-Shaped Vacuum Head for Pets

    We view the V-shaped head feature more as a useful innovative feature rather than a gimmick, though there’s no denying that it’s gimmicky.

    Performance Features

    This Bissell stick vacuum comes with several great performance features for its main purpose of being great at vacuuming floors. A 20-foot cord (the next longest cord was the VonHaus at 19.5 feet) allows for longer vacuuming and less re-plugging. Just like the other two sticks, the Bissell comes with a bagless dirt-cup that can be emptied and doesn’t require replacement bags. And as mentioned before, it’s built with a swivel head, which gives the user more freedom and versatility while vacuuming.

    Tools and Attachments

    The Bissell does not come with any attachments or other tools. This vacuum is designed to simply vacuum hardwood and hard-surface floors, with no capability to vacuum non-floor surfaces such as upholstery, curtains or furniture.

    True Value for the PowerEdge

    The Bissell PowerEdge stick received 18 out of 20 for value. While that’s lower than the other two sticks, this vacuum has a ton of value for being a strong vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price. Characterized by its excellent performance, durable design, and dependable brand, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Stick Vacuum provides a high return on investment as a quality machine with the sole purpose of removing dirt, grime, and large debris from floors.

    How to Buy the PowerEdge

    The Bissell PowerEdge can be purchased online by visiting the page below:

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    Best Cheap Upright Vacuum Cleaners

    Upright vacuum cleaners are generally the most common and traditional type of vacuum cleaner in the industry. True to their name, they can stand upright when stored or in use, and can be operated anywhere from a full 90-degree upright position all the way down to a flat 180-degree supine position for cleaning underneath tables and furniture. Uprights claim the largest sizes out of the vacuum categories, and therefore are the most powerful and intended for large spaces or jobs. Uprights are best at vacuuming carpeting and rugs, and are great for deep cleanings.

    Basic Upright Vacuum Specifications

    Price Range: $65 – $350
    Weight Range: 13 lbs to 25 lbs
    Intended Uses: Houses, large apartments, large spaces, large cleanup projects, carpeting and rugs, multiple flooring surfaces and non-flooring tasks.

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    1st Place Vacuum Cleaner

    Bissell CleanView 1330

    The Bissell CleanView with OnePass Technology Upright Vacuum 1330 collected 1st place on our list of best cheap vacuum cleaners in the upright division scoring 95 out of 100 points, the CleanView’s bargain low price point and tremendous value were just too much for the other top 3 competitors to match and eventually catch up to.

    Bissel CleanView Quick Summary

    Price: $69.99
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, low to medium pile carpeting and rugs, some high pile carpeting and rugs, non-floor surfaces
    Pros: Dynamic suction power, excellent at vacuuming floors and carpeting, low price point
    Cons: No HEPA filter, mediocre maneuverability, average longevity/durability

    Bissell CleanView Profile Vacuum Cleaner

    The CleanView’s Unbeatable Price Point

    Retail Price

    The Bissell CleanView can be purchased for $69.99 on Yes, you read that correctly, you can pay $69.99 for a powerful, lightweight Bissell upright with useful tool attachments and a few performance features.

    Price Compared to Competitors

    In our top 3 ranking of the best, cheapest upright vacuum, the next closest vacuum was $90.47, which is almost 30% more than the CleanView. The highest price in the top 3 was $149.87, which is more than double the price of the CleanView. This unrivaled price point will attract many types of consumers; individuals with a small budget, to families that don’t want to spend the cost of a vacation on an appliance with an average lifespan of 3-5 years.

    Cost of Maintenance, Bags, Attachments

    The Bissell CleanView is bagless, and comes with a full set of tool attachments. The filter should be replaced every 6 months with regular weekly vacuum usage, and replacing both the pre-motor and post-motor filter will cost you $10 for a pack on, which can be purchased here:
    A 2-pack of replacement belts can also be purchased on here:

    Potent Performance for the Bissell CleanView

    The Bissell CleanView with OnePass Technology Upright Vacuum 1330 scored a 19 out of 20 for performance, which is an excellent score and on par with the other top 3 uprights.

    Suction Power

    When you vacuum anything with the CleanView – hardwood floors or carpeting, you can feel the strong 10-amp motor working hard to suck up everything in its path. The CleanView utilizes Bissell’s own OnePass Technology with an innovative brush design, which is designed to pick up more debris on the first pass. While “OnePass Technology” is just a fancy name, the results don’t lie. As you move up and down a carpet, you can see the difference between the before and after very clearly. Additionally, if you are starting with an empty dirt cup, you will be amazed how much and how quickly the Bissell is able to start filling it up with hair and dirt! We were very impressed with the Clearview’s suction power and OnePass Technology, and its strong performance vacuuming floors and carpeting alike. Regardless of the fancy OnePass name, there’s no doubt that this machine can pick up a lot of debris on the first pass of vacuuming.

    Bissell CleanView Strong Suction Power


    As mentioned previously, the Bissell CleanView can clean hardwood, hard-surface, carpeting and rugs very well. The tools that come with the machine are quite adept at accomplishing their specific tasks. The dusting brush can be used to vacuum furniture and equipment. The crevice tool will vacuum deep into corners, along edges, and in narrow spaces between items. Lastly, the turbo brush is excellent on sofas and other upholstered furniture. The CleanView would have a difficult time on stairs due to its large frame and short extension hose.


    The CleanView arrived in a few pieces and took us a couple of minutes to put it together only requiring a screw driver. It weighs 15.5 pounds for relative-to-its-size lightweight cleaning. As a large upright it’s naturally bulky and less maneuverable than sticks, canisters, or more expensive uprights, but that’s part of the compromise of purchasing a less expensive vacuum. Bissell hasn’t incorporated any mechanisms or design changes to improve its maneuverability such as a swivel head or ergonomic handle.

    Bissell CleanView Lightweight Maneuverability

    Resilient Durability of the CleanView

    Material Quality

    The vacuum is made from a typical hard plastic with some rubber and metal parts scattered throughout the machine. As a budget vacuum cleaner, you shouldn’t expect the highest-grade plastic. The material and the finish does feel like a cheap plastic but we are not expecting this vacuum cleaner to last 10 years, and we don’t foresee the machine’s material being an issue for a 5-year life span.

    Product Design and Build

    The CleanView is a sturdy, robust machine – which means it may be less maneuverable, but it will be more durable. As we’ve used the CleanView in numerous settings, there are no serious design flaws that we think will be a durability issue.


    The Bissell CleanView upright comes with a standard 2-year limited warranty from Bissell.

    Bissell CleanView 1330 Basic Features

    Smart Features

    There’s been some controversy over whether the Bissell CleanView 1330 has a HEPA filter or not. Originally, the product manual and description online stated that it did indeed come equipped with a HEPA, but after much scrutiny, Bissell is no longer claiming the CleanView comes with a HEPA. Instead, it comes equipped with a multi filtration system including a pre-motor and post-motor filter.

    Easy Empty Dirt Cup Bissell CleanView

    Performance Features

    A machine like the CleanView was built to do one thing phenomenally at a great price, and that’s to put on a great performance vacuuming floors. It’s loaded with an adjustable head height to vacuum various floor surfaces, and a 25-foot electrical cord length for less interruptions. It also comes with an easy empty dirt cup, which means that you simply hold the dirt cup over the trash can, press a button, and the bottom of the cup opens to release the debris directly into the trash can. Occasionally there will be remnants stuck to the top of the dirt cup, but this mechanism reduces the user’s contact with the dirty debris. Lastly, as mentioned above, OnePass Technology improves the amount of debris picked up on the first pass of vacuuming.

    Tools and Attachments

    The Bissell CleanView arrives with an assortment of useful tool attachments which fit snugly to the hose and are aptly powered through the vacuum motor. As a small bonus, all the tools can be stored directly on the machine. Included are the crevice tool, TurboBrush tool, dusting brush, and extension wand.

    Bissell TurboBrush Tool for Upholstery

    Unmatched Value from Bissell’s CleanView

    In our rankings of the best cheap upright vacuum cleaners, the Bissell CleanView soars above the competition in both price and value, two of the more important categories for consumers. A perfect value score for the CleanView vacuum was simple to give – one of the cheapest full upright vacuums we’ve ever seen, coupled with a voracious appetite for floor and carpet debris, and a dependable brand name to back it up.

    Where to Find the Bissell CleanView on Sale sells the Bissell CleanView for cheaper than what sells it for! You can find the Bissell CleanView 1330 on Sale Here at

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    Silver Medal Cheap Vacuum Ranking

    Hoover WindTunnel T-Series

    The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series™ Rewind Plus Bagless Upright claimed the silver medal 2nd place for the best cheap vacuum cleaners in the upright division. Scoring 94 out of 100, and only 1 point less than the gold medal Bissell, Hoover offers everything you could want in an upright into their affordable, appealing WindTunnel T-Series™. The Hoover WindTunnel packs functionality into a powerful frame and supplements its superb performance with a host of useful features and handy attachments.

    Hoover WindTunnel Quick Summary

    Price: $90.47
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, carpeting and rugs, furniture
    Pros: All-around performance, several important machine features
    Cons: Bulky design compared to others, heavier compared to other uprights in this category

    Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum

    The Hoover WindTunnel Outstanding Price

    Retail Price

    Listed at $90.47 on (compared to $129.99 on Hoover’s official website), the WindTunnel comes in below the $100 mark, and is truly a bargain find.

    Price Compared to Competitors

    The $90.47 price tag was the 2nd lowest price in the best cheap vacuum cleaner – upright division, only behind the gold medal winner Bissell. While the Bissell CleanView clears the WindTunnel by a whopping $20.48 or a 23% discount, the WindTunnel’s $90 cost is still quite low in comparison to other uprights with or without all of its features. We found the Hoover WindTunnel’s price to be spot on for anyone looking for a cheap, powerful upright vacuum.

    Cost of Maintenance, Bags, and Attachments

    The Hoover T-Series is bagless, so you won’t need to purchase replacement bags. The machine comes with an assortment of tools, so additional tools are not needed. You can purchase replacement HEPA filters for about $30 for 2 here: and replacement belts for about $6 for 2 here:

    All-Around Performance of the WindTunnel T-Series Rewind

    Suction Power

    The Hoover WindTunnel rocks a 12 amp motor, tops in the upright division. Amps doesn’t necessarily directly correlate to the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, but the WindTunnel comes loaded with a ton of suction power which is representative of the machine’s power usage. The cleaning path is 13.5″, which is the same as the first place CleanView. This vacuum uses Hoover’s own “WindTunnel Technology”, which is supposed to facilitate a greater and more consistent flow of air from the head of the vacuum up to the dirt cup. Both the “WindTunnel Technology” and Bissell’s “OnePass Technology” have gimmicky names, but when push comes to shove both machines back up their claims with measurable results and the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series supports this feature with outstanding performance.

    WindTunnel Strong Performance and Power


    The Hoover is excellent on carpeting and rugs, and very good on hardwood and hard-surface flooring. What plagues many powerful upright vacuum cleaners is that they are too powerful for hard-surface flooring, and end up flicking the debris all over the place. You may need to adjust the head height to suit your floor surfaces.


    The maneuverability of the Hoover is average and not as seamless as we would have liked it to be. The machine is the heaviest of the top 3 uprights at 16.5 pounds, and dancing through your home to vacuum nooks and crannies can be cumbersome for people. Overall, it is a bit bulkier and heavier than its competition, and could be a turn off for some individuals.

    Hoover WindTunnel Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

    Plenty of Durability for the Hoover WindTunnel

    Material Quality

    The Hoover WindTunnel is very durable. The material quality feels denser than the material quality of the Bissell CleanView, but we would assume both budget vacuums are made with average density and quality plastics.

    Machine Design and Build

    The machine is built solidly and can withstand regular wear and tear. It’s relatively bulky design and heavier stance gives it some more fortitude in weekly vacuuming sessions. It also comes with a “no scuff bumper” that gives it cushioning against furniture, but is more for the furniture than the vacuum.


    The Hoover WindTunnel comes backed with a 2-year limited warranty which is standard for an affordable upright vacuum cleaner.

    Hoover WindTunnel’s Full Package of Features

    The list of features for the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless are endless. The engineers and designers behind this model clearly wanted to give the consumer everything they would want and need for smart, modern, convenient vacuuming.

    Smart Features

    The WindTunnel uses a HEPA filter, which is constantly increasing in popularity and importance. All vacuum cleaners come with some type of filter, but they vary in quality and particle arrestance ability. A filter on a vacuum is very similar to a mesh screen on a window. If the wires on the mesh screen were too far apart from each other, then it would create large gaps in the screen and insects would be able to fly through. It would still keep out birds and large bugs, but mosquitoes and flies would be able to squeeze right through. Filters follow the same general principle. A generic or common filter will have a looser screen, while the HEPA filter will have a tighter screen. While the common filter will catch a lot of dust particles, the HEPA filter will capture a certain percentage of dust particles – normally more than 99%, which can include allergens, moisture, bacteria, and viruses. We were very happy to see Hoover utilize a HEPA filter on one of its cheaper vacuums to introduce its consumer base to a new, smart feature.

    Hoover WindTunnel HEPA Filter

    Along with a HEPA filter, the Hoover has a system check indicator, which notifies the user when the HEPA filter needs to be cleaned, checked, and possibly replaced.

    Performance Features

    The Hoover WindTunnel includes a standard 25-foot electrical cord. Instead of the typical wind the cord on the outside of the machine storage, it has a cord rewind that wraps and stores the cord inside the vacuum cleaner with the step of a pedal. This feature seems trivial, but it’s surprisingly useful when you don’t want to wrap a cord 20 times after lugging it around for 45 minutes. You can’t beat the storage also, where it’s kept neatly tucked away out of sight.
    Rounding out the list of performance features is a bagless dirt cup and an adjustable vacuum head height.

    Tool Attachments

    The T-Series arrives with an assortment of powerful, useful tool attachments including an air-powered hand tool, 12″ extension wand, crevice tool, and upholstery/dusting brush.

    WindTunnel Extendable Hose and Crevice Tool

    Complete Value for the WindTunnel

    The Hoover WindTunnel was designed and developed to be the all-in-one, jack of all trades upright vacuum, at an affordable price of just $90.47. What it lacks in design clunkiness and refinement, it makes up for in price, performance, and features. The Hoover shares the top spot in value with the other top uprights by scoring a 20/20 for value.

    Cheapest Price to Buy the Hoover WindTunnel

    The Hoover WindTunnel is currently sold by for only $90.47 (as of March 20th, 2017), which is almost $40 cheaper than its price on the official Hoover website at $129.99. Check it out now before the price goes up!

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    Bronze 3rd Place Vacuum Cleaner

    Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional with Dust Away

    3rd place goes to the Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional with Dust Away. This vacuum is an all-around beast that combines everything you could want in a professional vacuum cleaner. Power, performance, features, and versatility all prominently define this machine. So why did it only grab 3rd place? While $149 is a steal for this loaded apparatus, it was more than twice the amount of our 1st place gold medal, which was $69.99. This is, after all, the best cheap vacuum cleaners, so price plays a significant role. When you examine the scores in each of the categories, the Shark’s price simply put it behind the 8 ball, and even with near-perfect scores in the other categories, it was never able to recover and capture the gold. Still though, it grabbed a score of 93 out of 100, which was only 2 points less than the 1st place CleanView.

    Shark Navigator Lift Away Canister Vacuum

    As a note, if your budget is in the $150 range, then this vacuum would have jumped to a first-place tie with the Bissell. The Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner is constantly ranked as the best overall vacuum in surveys and reviews, even when compared to Dyson vacuums that are 4 times its price.

    Shark Navigator Quick Summary

    Price: $149.87
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, all types of carpeting, stairs, upholstery, curtains, dust mopping
    Pros: Universal functionality, fun features, refined looks
    Cons: High price, brand unreliability issues

    Highest Price of the Shark Navigator

    Retail Price

    The Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional costs $149.87, which was the most expensive vacuum cleaner in our rankings for uprights, and any category.

    Price Comparison to Competitors

    When compared to the other vacuums in the top rankings, the Shark’s price is a rather big turn-off, but when compared to other premium caliber vacuums that cost several hundreds of dollars, it seems like it could be a smart purchase. Your feelings on the price of this machine will vary depending on your situation, budget, and needs. In ranking our best cheap vacuum cleaners, we thought the $149.75 price tag was too expensive which is why it grabbed 3rd place despite a stellar arsenal of top qualities.

    Maintenance, Bags, Attachments

    The Lift Away utilizes a bagless dirt cup which means no replacement bag costs. The machine requires very little maintenance, besides cleaning the filters and replacing them about once every year.

    Pristine Performance of the Navigator

    The Shark Navigator combines strong performance through its suction power, cleaning versatility, and precision maneuverability.

    Suction Power

    The Navigator uses a 10-amp motor to power a rather narrow 9.5-inch cleaning path. Compared to the Bissell and Hoover whose cleaning paths are both 13.5″, the Shark does an average job of keeping up with the competition although you never feel like you must make extra passes on a floor. The Shark has excellent suction power and can vacuum up most debris from floors and carpeting, however, we found that both the Bissell and Hoover had slightly better suction power results.


    The Navigator has excellent versatility and can perform well on all floor surfaces from stone to carpeting. The Shark Navigator is the best at vacuuming stairs as it utilizes an innovative mechanism called “Lift-Away”, which allows the user to press a single button to detach the vacuum’s canister from the larger vacuum. This feature is very useful if you need to be mobile to clean stairs, behind a sofa, on top of furniture, or if you simply want to use a handheld machine.

    Shark Navigator Lift Away on Stairs

    The Shark Navigator also utilizes another unique feature called “Dust-Away”. This feature allows the user to attach a dust mop pad to a section of the vacuum head in addition to the regular vacuum opening. Basically the vacuum head has two sections; the front of the head is a normal vacuum head with an opening to suck up particles, and the back of the head is a dust mop pad that captures any dust, dirt or debris that the vacuum doesn’t pick up.
    So, are the “Lift-Away” and “Dust-Away” gimmicks or are they useful and functional? We think they are extremely useful and functional. While their names sound gimmicky, both features provide the user with great versatility and efficiency.


    The Navigator was the smoothest to maneuver out of the top 3 ranked uprights. It’s crafted in a lightweight 13.7-pound frame, which is lightest among the uprights, and utilizes a swivel head, which the Bissell and Hoover don’t have. Its “Lift-Away” feature allows for even more maneuverability for stairs, small crowded rooms, or hard to reach places.

    Trustworthy Durability of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away

    Material Quality

    The Shark Navigator has the look and feel of a high-quality machine. The plastic materials of the vacuum are glossier and feel denser than the materials used to manufacture the Bissell and the Hoover. Again, we’re sure that Shark didn’t purchase the best grade plastic they could find – the Navigator is still made from an economical plastic material, but within those grades, there are different levels and it seems that the Navigator is one level higher than the Bissell and Hoover.

    Machine Design and Build

    This Shark is very lightweight, compact, and well-built. However, let’s not forget about the various detachable and movable parts. The special “Lift-Away” function is essentially the central canister of the vacuum cleaner that can be detached. It also utilizes a swivel head, has a hose, and several attachable tools. Any machine that has this many moving parts incorporated as the main components is bound to have more issues than a single-piece vacuum. We haven’t had any issues with it, but it may be because this model is relatively new and it hasn’t been truly field
    tested enough.


    The Navigator comes with a short 1-year warranty, but it’s possible to receive a 5-year warranty if you purchase the vacuum cleaner directly through Shark. Currently, the official Shark website sells their cheapest vacuum cleaner for $229.95, which is not even this model so we would recommend purchasing the Navigator through a cheaper online retailer such as or Walmart.

    Navigator Packed with Cool Features

    Smart Features

    The Shark Navigator Lift-Away comes with several smart and convenient features. We’ve already mentioned its “Lift-Away” and “Dust-Away” features. It also comes with a HEPA filter and what Shark calls its own patented Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. Shark is correct when they say that not all vacuums containing a HEPA filter are created equally. HEPA filters are able to capture harmful particles when the air that the particles travel in, flows through the filter. If there is even the smallest crack or crevice between the filter and the vacuum cleaner wall, then some air will flow through that gap and not through the HEPA filter. Shark has implemented its Complete Seal technology which is supposed to ensure that all air flowing through the vacuum cleaner passes through the HEPA filter.

    Performance Features

    The Navigator is equipped with a 30-foot electrical cord, 5 feet longer than both the Bissell CleanView and Hoover WindTunnel. It contains a bagless dirt cup and a swivel head.

    Shark Navigator Swivel Vacuum Steering

    Tools and Attachments

    It comes with a standard suite of tool attachments including a crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet power brush.

    First-Class Value of the Shark Navigator

    We examined the true value of the Shark Navigator, which is not only what you get at the price point, but also how it compares to other uprights and the other top 3 uprights in this ranking. The Shark Navigator includes several features not found in the Bissell or Hoover including its Lift-Away, Dust-Away, HEPA Filter Complete Seal Technology, and swivel head. It’s also the lightest, and the best quality machine out of the three. The question remains, are those features worth spending more than double your money and a 100% price increase? At the end of the day, we decided that this machine was priced mouth-wateringly low and possessed incredible value on its own regardless of the value of the CleanView and WindTunnel. While the CleanView and WindTunnel were priced significantly lower, they also didn’t possess these additional performance, smart, and convenient features which are well worth the price point. Therefore, the Navigator punched a 20 out of 20 for value.

    Best Deals for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional

    The cheapest price we’ve found for the Shark Navigator was $149.87 on (as of March 20th, 2017). Even the cheapest vacuum cleaner on Shark’s official website sells for more than $200 dollars. This price is as low as we’ve ever seen in it and may not remain at this point for very long. Shop for it today!

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    Best Cheap Canister Vacuum Cleaners

    Canister vacuum cleaners consist of a main component vacuum shaped like a small round vessel, with a flexible long hose extending from it, connecting to a stick handle with the vacuum head. In recent years, we’ve seen the influx of canister vacuums in the market decreasing due to a variety of factors.

    Canister Vacuum on Furniture

    Canisters can perform a few vacuuming tasks very well such as vacuuming stairs and under furniture because of their long hose, thin stick handle, and excellent mobility. The canister vacuum’s greatest advantage is its ability to be carried in one hand, while the other hand can hold the stick handle and perform versatile tasks. Previously, canister vacuums also possessed more power than stick vacuums.

    Nowadays, the vacuum landscape is changing. Almost all upright vacuum cleaners come with an extendable hose that can reach underneath furniture. We also just reviewed the Shark Navigator Lift-Away which is an upright with a detachable canister component, which essentially transforms it into an excellent canister vacuum. Even compared to stick vacuums, canisters generally possess more power still, but stick vacuums have been innovated to be even more powerful than ever before. So are there any good canisters out there?

    Canister vacuums have clearly taken a back seat to the innovative designs and technology of stick and upright vacuums, but they still maintain a place in the industry, and they have a clear place in our best cheap vacuum cleaner rankings. Their benefits include price, size, storage capability, dirt cup capacity, power, and mobility.

    If you live in a medium sized apartment with carpeting, and you want to store your vacuum in a bottom cabinet as opposed to a tall closet, then a canister would be a great choice. There are countless other scenarios where people would prefer a canister over an upright or a stick vacuum, but in general they are good if you need a powerful vacuum with a large cup capacity, and don’t have the storage space for an upright.

    Quick Canister Vacuum Summary

    Price Range: $40 – $250
    Weight Range: 5 lbs to 15 lbs
    Intended Uses: Small to medium sized homes and apartments, spaces with stairs, spaces with a mix of hard-surface and carpeting, limited storage capacities

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    1st Place Vacuum Cleaner

    Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless

    The Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum has claimed the top spot in our rankings of the best and cheapest vacuum cleaners in the canister division. Consumers seeking a cheap, powerful, mobile canister with a couple of convenient features will be pleasantly surprised by the Bissell Zing’s offering.

    Bissell Zing Quick Summary

    Price: $48.99
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, some low-pile carpeting and rugs, stairs, hard to reach areas
    Pros: Cheap price and great value, powerful suction, limited but convenient machine features
    Cons: No HEPA filtration, some design flaws

    Bissell Zing Rewind Cordless Canister Vacuum

    Bissell Zing’s Inexpensive Price

    Retail Price

    The Zing retails for $48.99, which is the lowest price for a canister on our ranking list.

    Price Comparison to Competitors

    The Bissell Zing is cheaper than the 3rd place Ovente by almost $30 dollars! Bissell has done it again providing an affordable, powerful vacuum only adding some necessary popular features to keep the price low and backed by its strong reputable brand name. At a sub $50 price point, the Zing Rewind Bagless is a popular pick amongst the many homeowners looking for a cheap, reliable floor sweeper.

    Cost of Maintenance, Bags, Attachments

    The Zing is bagless like most of our other cheap vacuum picks, so you save on replacement bag costs. Replacement filter screen and filters can be purchased for about $10 here:

    Bissell Zing’s Admirable Performance

    Suction Power

    The Zing comes with 9 amps of power, which is the lowest amperage rating out of the top 3 best cheap vacuum cleaners in the canister category. However, this compact beast showed no disadvantages when it was turned on, as it quickly sucked air into the vacuum head with surprising force. Suction power is no issue for the Zing, and even with a 10” cleaning path, it was able to suck up all the hair and dust off the floors in no time.

    Zing Rewind Cordless Versatile Canister Vacuum


    The Bissell Zing works great on hard-surface floors and hardwood flooring. It is only alright at picking up debris off of low-pile carpeting and rugs, and you should not bother with it on anything higher than low-pile. This little guy can be carried to vacuum stairs and to vacuum non-floor surfaces such as curtains and furniture.


    At only 10 pounds, the Zing is responsive to the pull, and will always be right behind you. It’s super easy to maneuver around a room and have the Zing right by your side to take care of the dirty work.

    Minor Durability Concerns for Bissell’s Zing

    Material Quality

    The quality of the plastic material on the Zing fells glossy and strong. The casters are made from the same high density plastic.

    Machine Design

    The main durability concerns for the Bissell Zing are universal concerns that plague many canister vacuums. The handle on the machine which can be used to lift, carry, and move around to vacuum, is connected to the removable dirt cup. Therefore, with repeated use, the locking mechanism that connects the dirt cup to the rest of the vacuum will inherently wear down. In our eyes this is such a major design flaw with canister vacuums because you can’t avoid it. A user will always have to use the handle to at the very take the vacuum out and put it away.
    In our opinion, another canister vacuum design flaw is using the handle and hose to pull the canister behind you while vacuuming. This dragging motion clearly puts wear and tear on the hose of the vacuum cleaner, and tears in canister hoses are not uncommon. Additionally, people pull the vacuum without really looking to see what’s in front of it. Often the canister will bump, or more like smash into table legs and sofas, creating additional wear and tear on its small frame.
    Overall, these design flaws have been around for as long as canisters have been manufactured and they have not spurred any cataclysmic changes in the way canisters are designed. Nevertheless, we have seen first-hand what regular carrying of a canister by a detachable handle can do and it has on average resulted in replacement after about 2 years (about 104 uses).


    The Bissell Zing comes with a 1 year limited warranty, which was the same as the other two canisters in our top 3 rankings and relatively standard in this category.

    The Bissell Zing’s Limited Yet Sufficient Features

    The Bissell Zing doesn’t come with too many machine features at its sub $50 price point, but we’re satisfied with the features they decided to include.

    Smart Features

    Unfortunately, the Bissell Zing does not come with a HEPA filter and instead uses a three-stage filtration system, which is understandable at this price. It does utilize a cord rewind which saves you space as the cord is stored inside the canister vacuum, and it’s less messy. If you’re in the market for a canister, it’s probably because you want something compact and easy to store, and the cord rewind feature is a great bonus feature.

    Bissell Zing Electrical Cord Rewind

    Performance Features

    This particular model of the Zing comes with a bagless dirt cup which saves you money on replacement bags and saves unnecessary bags from entering landfills.

    Tool Attachments

    The Zing arrives with a limited assortment of attachable tools including a combination crevice tool/dusting brush and extension wand.

    Bissell Zing Bagless Dirt Cup Easy Empty Button

    Bissell Zing’s Exceptional Value

    The Bissell Zing won our best cheap vacuum cleaner rankings for combining the lowest price point with convenient features and formidable performance. If you’re looking for a cheap canister vacuum for weekly vacuuming, the Zing is the machine for you. Its low price is not correlated with its performance, suction power, or shortcomings.
    In the canister category, where good deals are becoming harder to find, the Zing shines for providing the best value to the average consumer.

    Bissell Zing’s Sub $50 Price Point

    We’ve seen the Zing sold on the market anywhere from $49.99 from multiple outlets to $90 on At the time of this writing, the Bissell Zing is currently being sold for $48.99 on so now is the time to buy, if you’re looking for a new affordable canister vacuum!

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    Silver Medal Cheap Vacuum Ranking

    Eureka Mighty Mite

    Our canisters rankings were the toughest to call and the Eureka Mighty Mite landed a close 2nd place. The Mighty Mite has been on the market longer than the other best cheap canister vacuums originally developed in 1982! Throughout the years, the Mighty Mite has gone through performance upgrades and aesthetic facelifts, but you can tell that it goes way back by its close resemblance to the original design and lack of smart features. However, this Eureka diamond in the rough has made its way to the number 2 spot due to its low price point, unbeatable performance, and tested durability.

    Eureka Mighty Mite Quick Summary

    Price: $60.35
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, rugs, low-pile carpeting, stairs
    Pros: Performs like a much bigger vacuum, strong durable design, inexpensive price
    Cons: No HEPA filtration, no convenient features, bulky if you have limited storage

    Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner

    Eureka Mighty Mite’s Affordable Price

    Retail Price

    The Mighty Mite is listed at $60.35 on (compared to $89.99 on the official Eureka Site) and ranks 2nd in price amongst our top 3 best cheap vacuum cleaners in the canister category.

    Price Compared to Competitors

    The $60 dollar Eureka is priced very low in the canister vacuum sector to pull in consumers looking for a no-frills, solid vacuum cleaner that they don’t need to spend a lot of money on.

    Maintenance, Bags, Accessories Costs

    Unfortunately the Mighty Mite is not bagless, so you will have to purchase bags. At about $1 per bag, they will not burn a hole in your wallet, but plan to purchase at least a dozen per year. You can find replacement bags for the Mighty Mite here:

    Robust Performance for the Mighty Mite

    Suction Power

    The Mighty Mite had the best suction power performance out of the three top cheap vacuum cleaners, narrowly edging out the Zing. It makes sense that the Mighty Mite packs more of a suction power punch as it’s equipped with a 12-amp motor (compared to 9 amps for the Zing) and is set in a larger machine.

    Mighty Mite Excellent Performance


    This Eureka can outperform the other canisters on hardwood floors and hard-surface floors. It’s also effective on rugs and low-pile carpeting, but not other types of carpeting. As with all canisters, one of its useful functions is being able to tackle stairs and hard to reach places well by carrying the canister by its handle.


    The Mighty Mite is slightly bulkier than its competitors, but feels no different when you maneuver around a room.

    Maximum Durability for the Eureka Mighty Mite

    We’ve purchased a few Mighty Mites throughout the life of our business, and all of them are still working hard in the field today. Keep in mind that each of our individual Mighty Mites have been used by dozens of different cleaners and as you can imagine, they get banged around a lot from different wear and tear. We can attribute the Mighty Mite’s longevity to its compact, tough design that’s been around since 1982. The plastic casing of the vacuum, its wheels, the handle, accessories, and even the hose seem to be made from especially high density plastic material.

    Material Quality

    The Mighty Mite stood out for having a thicker plastic casing around the main canister portion of the vacuum. Compared to the other two smaller, more compact canisters, the material of the Eureka was clearly superior.

    Machine Design and Build

    Previously we mentioned that most new canister vacuums have a design flaw concerning the handle located on the detachable dirt cup. When the vacuum is lifted by its handle, the entire weight of the machine rests on the mechanism that holds the detachable dirt cup to the base of the machine, which will add wear and tear over time. The Eureka’s handle is connected directly to the base of the machine, which will give it more integrity over time.

    Eureka Mighty Mite Durable Handle on Canister


    The Mighty Mite is backed by the standard 1 year limited warranty, and it received 20 out of 20 points for durability because of its tough, compact design.

    Limited Features for the Eureka

    Smart and Performance Features

    Most cheap vacuum cleaners in the canister category will not have a lot of machine features. The Mighty Mite comes with a 20-foot electrical cord, a triple filtration system (which is inferior to the HEPA), and a blower port function.

    Eureka Mighty Mite Blower Fuction

    We were hoping that it would come with a few more features, like something relatively simple like a cord rewind, but Eureka chose not to include any convenience features. Additionally, this machine uses bags, so that will be a factor in the long-term purchase price of this vacuum.

    Tool Attachments

    The Eureka Mighty Mite includes a crevice tool, dusting brush and an extension wand, which is above-average for this category.

    The Grandfathered Value of the Mighty Mite

    The Mighty Mite is one of the longest tenured vacuum models in the industry. Its value is basically grandfathered into the vacuum world, since you know what you’re getting at its reasonable price point. Highlighted by its price, strong suction power, and tough durability, the Eureka Mighty Mite will find a place in many people’s homes.

    Mighty Mite Cord Underneath Vacuum

    How to Find the Cheapest Price of the Eureka Mighty Mite, the official site of Eureka and the manufacturer of the Mighty Mite sells the vacuum for $89.99, but it’s currently sold on for only $60.35 listed below:

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    Bronze 3rd Place Vacuum Cleaner

    Ovente ST2000 Featherlite

    The Ovente ST2000 Featherlite canister vacuum convincingly earned 3rd place and showed in this tough competition for best cheap vacuum cleaners in the canister category. The Ovente is a compact, powerful vacuum that comes with several key features such as a HEPA filter and bagless dirt cup. What held this vacuum back from claiming a higher spot was its higher price tag, minor performance issues and potential durability concerns. The Featherlite is the only canister in our rankings that has a HEPA filter, so if indoor air quality is important to you, then this machine could top your personal list.

    Ovente Featherlite Quick Summary

    Price: $65.00
    Uses: Hardwood floors, hard-surface floors, rugs, stairs
    Pros: HEPA filtration for allergy suffers, powerful suction, cord rewind ability
    Cons: Some issues relating to performance, durability concerns, highest price amongst the canisters

    Ovente Featherlite Vacuum Cleaner

    Ovente’s Higher Price

    Retail Price

    The Ovente Featherlite is currently being sold for $65 on Amazon, which is the cheapest price we see it being sold for.

    Price Compared to Competition

    The $65 price tag is more than the first-place Zing (priced at $48.99) and the Mighty Mite (priced at $60.35) but only by $16.01 and $4.65 respectively. The Featherlite scored a respectable 19 out of 20 for price because its $65 sales price is still relatively inexpensive compared to other canister vacuums not on this list. Overall, while it is the more expensive of the top 3 best cheap vacuum cleaners in the canister category, it is still relatively cheap for a vacuum cleaner of this class.

    Maintenance, Bags, Attachments Costs

    The Ovente is bagless and you will not have to purchase replacement bags for this machine. It comes with only 1 attachment besides the main floor head.

    Efficient Ovente Featherlite Performance

    The Featherlite puts on a solid performance when you turn it on. It racked up 18 out of 20 points in the performance category which factors suction power, versatility, and maneuverability into the score.

    Suction Power

    Ovente’s number one vacuum cleaner, the Featherlite, is driven by a 12-amp motor that powers its excellent ability to suck up debris from floors. It’s suction power and debris pick-up ability is comparable to the Mighty Mite’s on hard-surface flooring.


    This vacuum is best suited for hard-surface floors and can perform comparably to other best cheap canisters. As the Ovente moves towards low-pile carpeting, its ability to lift out hair and dirt drops off quite a bit. Led by a 12” head, the Ovente can clean underneath sofas and up staircases without much hassle.


    The machine weighs 12 pounds, is small, and can be comfortably and easily maneuvered and carried.

    Ovente Featherlite Lightweight Compact Canister

    Unknown Durability of the ST2000 Featherlite

    The durability of the Featherlite is relatively unknown as Ovente is a relatively new brand name. We’ve owned our Featherlite for a couple of years and while it still works, it has shown some wear and tear, specifically related to the connecting mechanism between the dirt cup and main vacuum, which torments most canisters.

    Material Quality

    The OventeST2000 is a small canister vacuum made of a thin and cheap feeling plastic.

    Machine Design and Build

    The Ovente also faces the same issue we have with canisters and their handle being located on the removable dirt cup.


    The Featherlite comes with the standard 1 year limited warranty. The Ovente Featherlite should have no problem vacuuming your floors weekly for a few years, and with limited wear and tear, and regular cleaning and maintenance, it could last a lot longer than that.

    Ovente’s Comprehensive Features

    Machine features is one category that the Ovente does not lack and scored a perfect 20 out of 20.

    Ovente Featherlite HEPA Filter

    Smart Features

    The Ovente Featherlite comes with a HEPA filtration system which we were very impressed with. Incorporating a premium, smart feature like a HEPA filter will attract a younger and smarter demographic looking for features that provide health and environmental benefits. The Featherlite also includes a handy cord-rewind mechanism for convenience and storage benefits.

    Ovente ST2000 Cord Rewind

    Performance Features

    The Ovente uses with a clear bagless dirt cup.

    Tool Attachments

    Included with the vacuum is a crevice tool/bristle brush, and the regular floor head.

    The Featherlite’s Great Return on Investment

    The Featherlite is able to provide a great return on investment for the consumer who wants a smart, convenient, powerful vacuum and is willing to pay a little bit more. While its price is the highest amongst the 3 top canisters, it also has key features that the other machines don’t have and it may be worth the additional $15-20. Overall, the Featherlite notched 19 out of 20 points for value, as it is a great purchase for consumers who want a great canister vacuum with added features.

    Ovente Featherlite Bagless Transparent Dirt Cup

    The Best Price for the Ovente Featherlite

    You can buy the Ovente ST2000 Featherlite canister vacuum on for $65.00. It’s listed as a prime option which will grant you free 2-day shipping and free returns. Shop below before the prices rise!

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    About the Vacuum Brands

    After you’ve read our ultimate guide on cheap vacuum cleaners in the stick, upright, and canister categories, you can check out our brief summaries about the big brands behind some of these machines.

    Bissell’s Unmatched Value in our Best Cheap Vacuum Rankings

    In our rankings, the Bissell brand landed 2 of the 3 gold medals for best cheap vacuum cleaners in their categories, the upright and canister
    Bissell was founded in 1876 and the Bissell brand name is well known across all industries for their comprehensive selection of floor care appliances including their biggest category, vacuum cleaners. Large corporations that bring in around $1 billion dollars in revenue every year, normally don’t have any large charitable impact on society. Bissell gets several nods of approval for their attention to sustainability, and their charitable work through the Bissell Pet Foundation.
    Pets and floor care naturally go together as pets create huge messes in our homes through shedding, dirt and bacteria transmittal from the outside, and other dog-induced bodily fluids. The Bissell Pet Foundation, founded and led by Cathy Bissell, donates money to support programs and initiatives at shelters and rescues throughout the United States and Canada. They help provide funding for pet adoption, spay/neuter services, micro-chipping, and foster care.
    Is this a great PR move for the massive Bissell corporation to sell more vacuum cleaners? It certainly is, but whatever their intention is – whether that is for PR to make money, or simply because Cathy Bissell and the other owners support animals, they are still donating a lot of money to shelters and rescues that need it, and that is a win-win situation in our eyes.
    Bissell is a dependable and trustworthy brand in the vacuum industry, and in recent years has been receiving a ton of well-deserved credit for their focuses on sustainability and donations to animal shelters.

    The European Brand Behind VonHaus

    VonHaus is not a common household name, and that might be because they’re sold under the UK-based brand Domu Brands, which according to their website delivers a broad range of functional, practical, & innovative products. They sell everything from TV wall-mounted brackets, to picture frames, to power saws, and everything in between. VonHaus appears to be carving out a niche by developing smart, innovative products that appeal to the everyday consumer, and their 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum is leading the way.

    Dirt Devil’s Roots

    Dirt Devil was started in 1905, and has become a household name in the cleaning and vacuum cleaner industry. Identified by its red-colored appliances, Dirt Devil has earned a reputation for providing vacuum cleaners at affordable prices.
    Believe it or not, we still have and use the Dirt Devil SimpliStik from almost 3 1/2 years ago regularly, and it still works well. How is it so cheap? We suspect Dirt Devil is not making huge profit margins off this vacuum. The SimpliStik is probably the company’s “gateway” vacuum; the product that builds trust in consumers and solidifies the company’s reputation of offering solid devices at affordable prices.

    The Large Hoover Brand

    Hoover, just like Bissell, Dirt Devil, Dyson, and others are the major players in the vacuum industry. Hoover has been around since 1907, when the actual idea for a vacuum cleaner was first imagined. The idea later went on to being patented and soon sold throughout the United States. Today, Hoover focuses and specializes in everything floor cleaning – from vacuums, to floor scrubbers, to carpet cleaners. They’ve also innovated their line of products adding cordless vacuums, robot vacuums, and new extended lifetime batteries. It’s safe to say that Hoover has created a strong brand name behind its dependability and quality floor products.

    Shark’s Multi-Dimensional Corporate Brand

    The Shark brand used to be known as a small family run business based out of Canada. Today, the Shark Brand is on pace to do $1.6 billion dollars in revenue, which includes its vacuum cleaner line, as well as its other home appliances including the popular Ninja blender, and now the Ninja Coffee Bar which is being represented by actress Sofia Vergara.

    While Shark corporation has seen their Ninja blender take the blender industry by storm similar to how the Vitamix entered the market, they have also been focusing more and more on creating great vacuums offering a step up from the entry level, budget vacuums. Unfortunately, as a large corporate brand, Shark has a history of providing unreliable and unfriendly customer service.

    Eureka’s Quiet but Traditional Brand

    The Eureka label is a brand name of their parent company, Electrolux, a Swedish company. The Electrolux corporation focuses on everything in the home, from small appliances to kitchen appliances, and is also the parent company to the Frigidaire line of home appliances.
    Eureka’s main competency is their vacuum cleaners, and the Mighty Mite (our 2nd ranked canister vacuum) is their showcase bread and butter. While Eureka may not be backed by the most well-known corporate brand, we’re satisfied with the Mighty Mite’s individual reputation that spans almost 40 years.

    Ovente’s New and Exciting Brand

    Ovente is a brand that was created by the privately held company TopNet, Inc. which was founded in 1999. Ovente is a small brand that focuses on small home appliances such as electric kettles, infrared cooktops, fans, and of course vacuum cleaners.
    The brand focuses on stylish design, convenience, energy efficiency, and innovative features. We can tell that these are their main core concepts, as their ST2000 Featherlite incorporates a bagless dirt cup, HEPA filter, and cord rewind.
    While it’s still a new name to the game, we’re excited that Ovente is off to a great start with important values as its foundation.


    *Disclaimer: GreenAir Cleaning Systems, Inc. and may earn a small commission for our review, endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, or link to any products or services from our website. Any and all endorsements made for any products listed on our website have not been affected, or biased by earning a commission.

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