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New York City Sanitation | Collection Rules & Instructions

New York City is home to the largest population of residents in the United States with more than 8.5 million […]

Bottled Water Facts and Trends

There's nothing like taking a cold sip of water on a hot day. It's also the least regulated and least clean, as bottled water companies aren't scrutinized as much as the United States' public water system.

The 9 Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners in 2017

Everybody loves great products, and everybody loves them even more when they're cheap. In the old days, if you paid a low price for something, it was either poor quality, a knock-off, or both. That's not the case with cheap vacuum cleaners today.

Types of Dusters – Choosing the Best Duster

A duster is a cleaning tool used to remove dust from surfaces and furniture. Dusters come in many materials, shapes […]

Hand Washing Statistics

Did you know that 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold?Read this post for more startling statistics about hand washing, children, and schools!

Hand Washing Tips and Facts – How to Wash Your Hands

Why is Hand Washing Important? Washing your hands is the best and easiest way to prevent: – Getting sick – […]

Carbon Monoxide Symptoms, Prevention & Alarms

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that can be deadly if inhaled […]

O’Cedar O’Duster Robotic Floor Cleaner Review

The O'Cedar Robot Floor Cleaner does a great job picking up hair, dust, lint, small particles of debris, and some dirt. In our usage, it's also shown a competency for picking up paper scraps and the sort.

How to Choose a Janitorial Service – Top Janitor Companies

Looking for a new janitorial service to clean your building? If you’ve done a Google search for “janitorial service in […]

6 Reasons to Hire Green Office Cleaners in New York

1) It Costs the Same Yep, it’s finally come true. The cost to hire an eco-friendly office cleaning service vs. […]