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Green Cleaning The Kitchen in Your Home or Office

Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning the Kitchen A home or office kitchen is a high-traffic, grease-centric, busy area that gets used daily and is left dirty. The kitchen should be one of the cleanest areas in the whole house, as it’s the place where food is prepared and stored. However, because of the amount of time the […]

5 Easy Tips to Cleaning an Office

5 Easy Tips to Cleaning an Office Do you need a spotless and professional looking work space but don’t want to devote hours of your precious time to clean it? I understand the importance of first impressions and know that time is money. Here is our basic guide to help you keep your office clean […]

Health Tips – Cleaning Smarter and Healthier

Cleaning Health Tips for Optimal Health and Body Posture Everyone cleans and everyone has a good idea of how to clean well. However, many of us are doing it wrong. Our poor habits are leading to back pain, dizziness, and many other maladies that can be prevented by cleaning the right way using proper techniques. […]