Commercial Cleaning Services in NYC

Clean your buildings and facilities smarter and healthier with green eco-friendly commercial cleaning equipment, chemicals, and practices.

GreenAir Cleaning Systems provides commercial cleaning services to New York City including the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens utilizing a green cleaning approach. We know for a fact that your customers don’t want to smell the strong nauseating scent of ammonia, especially when there are alternatives that are just as effective. GreenAir Cleaning provides commercial maintenance services to a wide variety of facilities such as apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, offices, fitness centers, recreational facilities, religious institutions, and more.

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Types of Commercial Facilities We Clean

Our company provides commercial cleaning and maintenance to retail stores, fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, health clubs, religious institutions, educational facilities, schools, theaters, apartment buildings, office buildings, and more.

We also provide services to hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical offices, or restaurants. We provide cleaning services to the healthcare and food industries using a combination of safe chemicals, hot water-steam machines, ultraviolet technology, and smart practices.

Customized Cleaning Programs

One of our service objectives is to treat each client individually and create customized cleaning programs that fit their business schedule, budget, and facility requirements. Along with our initial facility walk through, client questionnaire, and ongoing customer communication, we’re able to create and modify the cleaning program to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with a customized, cost-efficient green cleaning program that produces consistent quality results for many years to come.


Commercial Cleaning Quality Control

GreenAir Cleaning Systems implements our GreenAir Quality Control Program, which is a three-step process that ensures high quality standards are met on a consistent basis.

Step 1 is our cleaning checklist, which is used to create and implement a custom cleaning program for each individual commercial client. Step 2 is an inspection report, which is used to monitor and grade each cleaning job based on our quality standards. Step 3, if necessary, is a corrective action report which initiates and fulfills rectification of any substandard cleaning jobs.

Green QCP Checklist

Our Green QCP Cleaning Checklist is a customized checklist containing cleaning tasks that are assigned to each individual commercial cleaning site. Our cleaning techs use the checklist as a step-by-step guide to perform cleaning tasks at the job site.

Green QCP Inspection

A supervisor is assigned to inspect each facility on an intermittent basis, depending on the particular account size and scope of work. Inspections are both scheduled and random. If necessary, jobs are marked as substandard and a corrective action report is initiated so that we can re-clean the property.

Green QCP Corrective Action Report

If our cleaning supervisors note substandard work, a QCP Corrective Action Report will be initiated. This means that any cleaning tasks that are missed, underperformed or neglected will be rectified so that they are acceptable.