Consulting Services Overview

Our main goal at GreenAir Cleaning Systems is to provide cleaning and maintenance services to businesses, companies, buildings, and facilities. In our ongoing effort to provide a full line of services to clients, we are now providing cleaning consulting services. Our cleaning consulting services are intended for clients who wish to employ their own cleaning staff, but want assistance with cleaning management, training, purchasing, and quality control.

Our ideal cleaning consulting clients are small to medium sized, independent businesses that employ a cleaning staff of 5-20.

Our cleaning consulting services include:

Cleaning Management
Development of Cleaning Program
Implementation of Cleaning
Employee Training
Product/Equipment Purchasing
Quality Control Inspection
Cleaning Reports

Cleaning Management Services

GreenAir Cleaning will assist the Client in cleaning supplies purchasing, facility configuration and systems, and other services.

1. Cleaning Supplies Purchasing
– We will provide the Client with recommendations for cleaning chemicals/products, cleaning equipment, and restroom and plastic consumables.
– E.g.: We will provide the Client with our recommended HEPA filter commercial backpack vacuum cleaner.
– At an additional cost, the Client may request for us to provide up to two (2) alternatives to our recommended cleaning supplies, including pricing, benefits, and vendor options for purchasing.
– E.g.: We will provide the Client with two (2) additional alternatives to our recommended HEPA filter commercial backpack vacuum cleaner, along with the prices, benefits, and the best vendors to purchase the vacuum cleaner from.

2. Facility Configuration and Systems
– We will provide the Client with basic recommendations for facility improvements in regards to configuration and systems as it pertains to the cleanliness of the facility.
– E.g.: We will provide the Client with basic recommendations on how to improve indoor air quality, reduce dirt on the carpets, and maximize space in their janitor closet.

3. Other Services
– We will provide the Client with basic recommendations for local services, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, garbage carting services, janitorial supply vendors, etc.

Quality Control Program

Our Green Quality Control Program for the Client consists of a three-step approach:
1. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Checklist
– Upon evaluation of the facility’s requirements, traffic and Client’s preferences, we will create a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklist to be implemented by the Client’s in-house cleaning staff.
– The cleaning checklist will be evaluated every month and updated as necessary to incorporate any changes in the facility’s requirements and traffic.
– The cleaning checklist allows the front-line cleaning staff to organize and complete their tasks, and check over their work through manual daily records, which leads to greater accountability and higher consistent cleaning quality.

2. Regular and Unscheduled Inspections
– Based on the facility’s requirements and traffic, GreenAir will perform one (1) regular, scheduled inspection per month and one (1) unscheduled inspection per month.
– Our inspection form is a numerically graded survey that puts greater value into certain areas by weighting those areas, based on the facility’s requirements and traffic.
– The inspection allows for a back-end supervisor to objectively inspect and grade the facility for appearance and quality.
– The inspection is discussed with the Client’s in-house cleaning staff, any minor deficiencies are identified and addressed, and any larger issues are submitted for a corrective action report.

3. Corrective Action Reports
– Corrective action reports are initiated when areas are severely lacking in appearance or quality and are addressed immediately with the cleaning staff.
– Corrective action reports are filed with reference pictures following an inspection if any area of the facility scores below our acceptable benchmark, and given to the respective cleaning staff.

Employee Training Program

GreenAir Cleaning will perform on-site training sessions lasting one (1) hour for the Client’s in-house cleaning staff as necessary.
– The training sessions will address minor deficiencies found in previous inspections and larger issues found in the corrective action reports.
– The training sessions will go over any new cleaning methods or techniques for the facility.
– Employee training sessions will consist of employee education through techniques and methods and hands-on cleaning demonstrations.

Cleaning Reports

GreenAir Cleaning Systems will provide a scheduled report to the Client, detailing inspections, training sessions, changes to checklists, and cleaning consulting recommendations.