Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning Services in NYC

Our company provides powerful and effective cleaning services for restaurants and bars located in New York City’s boroughs including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We use a green cleaning approach to target the different areas of a restaurant. In the dining room we use Green Seal certified cleaning products, microfiber cloths and HEPA filter backpack vacuums to clean, wipe down and polish all tables, chairs, surfaces and floors to produce a spotless and healthy public area. In the bathrooms, we use a germicidal along with disinfectant to ensure that the restroom is properly sanitized. We can also clean kitchen floors, but we do not clean any food equipment such as stoves, refrigerators, grease traps, etc.

No matter the size or scope of your restaurant, we can tailor a cleaning program that incorporates both eco-friendly practices and powerful cleaning to fit the exact needs of your restaurant including dining room cleaning, bar cleaning, and restroom sanitization.


Restaurants, Night Clubs, Bars, Cafes, Food Service Companies

Service Areas

New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Five Boroughs of NYC

Schedule Options

7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon, evening and night

Restaurant Cleaning Benefits and Advantages

Green Check Combination of Eco-Friendly Restaurant Cleaning and Powerful Restroom Sanitzation

Green Check Patrons and Employees Will Appreciate the Exclusive Use of Non-Toxic, Green Cleaning Products for a Safe and Healthy Environment

Green Check We Can Help You Obtain or Maintain a NYC “A” Letter Grade

Cleaning Discounts, Deals and Specials

Green Check Restaurants and Food Service Companies in NYC receive 10% off first month of services

Sample Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

– Clean Tables, Chairs, Furniture
– Dust Ledges, Picture Frames, Shelving
– Polish wood work and stainless steel surfaces
– Clean glass surfaces, tables, mirrors, windows

Garbage Bins
– Remove trash bags and place for disposal in designated areas
– Wash garbage bins
– Replace trash liners

– Spot clean walls to remove food, spills, stains
– Apply degreaser to walls
– Disinfect and clean walls with peroxide compound
– Dry buff walls with microfiber pad to finish

– Sweep kitchen floor and remove all food, garbage, debris
– Slop mop floors with degreaser and peroxide compound
– Scrub floors with deck brush
– Squeegee floors to remove solution and residue to drain
– Rinse floors with sink hose to drain
– Wet vacuum remaining water