Employment with GreenAir Cleaning Systems

Position: Cleaning Employee

GreenAir Cleaning is currently hiring experienced, motivated individuals to join our growing team. Below is the job description and requirements for individuals looking to apply for employment at this position:

Cleaning Technician Qualifications

– Clean criminal conviction background and authorized employment eligibility in the United States.
– At least two (2) years prior cleaning experience.  Commercial cleaning experience preferred.
– Able and willing to travel to different job sites and buildings located in the five boroughs of New York City.
– Flexible schedule: Shifts and hours are mostly in the evenings and nights, but some are during the day.

We encourage all individuals to apply, even if you do not meet the above qualifications.

Cleaning Technician Training

All new employees start off in our training/introductory probation period lasting either thirty (30), sixty (60) or ninety (90) days. Training comprises orientation, in-office training sessions, on-site training sessions and tests.  Towards the end of the training period, new employees will work at one of our buildings or facilities where they will train under one of our supervisors and/or employees. New employees who have successfully completed the training program with perfect attendance and punctuality, and outstanding performance and conduct, will be offered a regular employment position with our company following the introductory period.

Cleaning Technician Growth

Upon exceptional, sustained fulfillment at the cleaning technician position, and a readiness to take on more responsibilities and a greater role in the company, select cleaning technicians can be promoted to higher positions such as: Lead, Supervisor, Route Manager, and Trainer. Such roles in the company involve more commitment, longer hours and greater responsibilities – but they also provide job growth and promotion, and salary increases.

Read this summary regarding successful qualities and characteristics of an ideal employee from the University of Scranton: http://elearning.scranton.edu/resource/business-leadership/10-qualities-to-look-for-in-new-hires

Please note that we are not hiring for supervisor, manager or trainer positions. All new employees will start off in the technician position and can grow within the company.

How To Apply

Prospective employees should email their resume in the body of the email and as a .PDF or .DOC attachment to service@greenaircleaning.com. At the top of the email, please answer the following question: “Why do you want to join a young company?”

Emails that do not adhere to the above requirements will not be reviewed.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.