New York City Green Cleaning Services

GreenAir Cleaning Systems was founded as an eco-friendly company and we use a green cleaning approach at all of the facilities we clean. Below are the answers to many common questions regarding the term green and how it applies to office and commercial cleaning:

How well do your green cleaning products clean an office?

Our green cleaning products are as effective and thorough as any other cleaning products you can use in an office environment. The green cleaning products we use are intended for institutional, industrial, and commercial use under the Green Seal brand. Here is some more information regarding the Green Seal certified products we use:

What green cleaning products do you use?

Our main line of cleaning products consisting of our all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and neutral floor cleaner is Green Seal certified. We also use a disinfectant which is made using essential oils, Isopropyl alcohol, and water, and is also one of our eco-friendly products.

Do you use any non-green cleaning products?

GreenAir Cleaning Systems will create a cleaning program that is customized to your needs and your facility requirements.

We can certainly create a cleaning program that utilizes only green cleaning products.

Similarly, we can create a cleaning program that uses mostly green cleaning products, but in restrooms or on floors we can use non-green cleaning products. It depends on what you’re looking for and what your facility requires, but we can customize the cleaning program to fit what you need.

What cloths do you use to clean?

We exclusively use microfiber cloths to clean all surfaces and areas in an office or commercial facility. The only area we do not use microfiber cloths is in restrooms, in which we use disposable paper towels, and dispose of them immediately after cleaning to prevent bacteria breeding and cross contamination.

Why are microfiber cloths green?

Microfiber cloths are not only one of the most eco-friendly options to clean, but they are also one of the best at cleaning. Microfiber is green for a few reasons. In regards to cleaning, microfiber does not require any additional chemicals or products to clean well – because of the Microfiber material and structure, it’s able to clean surfaces effectively either dry or dampened. Secondly, microfiber materials can be washed up to 300 times before the material starts to lose its effectiveness, compared to 30 times for a cotton material. Therefore microfiber is more sustainable and reusable than other cleaning materials like cotton. Lastly, after the microfiber material loses its effectiveness, it can be recycled and reused by sending it back to the manufacturing companies to be used in other products.

How do you clean restrooms with “green cleaning products?”

Our main line of cleaning products is Green Seal certified, but in high-traffic restrooms we may decide to use a bio-zyme degreaser and deodorizer which uses bacteria to break down typical restroom issues like uric salts, grease, and grime. There are some areas in a commercial facility that we need to focus first and foremost on killing bacteria, disease-causing organisms, and bodily fluids, and the restroom is our number one priority.

Do you use eco-friendly mops?

Yes, we use a combination of mops that are eco-friendly. We use mops that are either made from synthetic fiber, rayon, or microfiber. All of our mops are manufactured from material that has been reprocessed from plastic reclamation, and they can all be laundered three times as much as normal cotton mops.


Additional Information

Green Cleaning Overview

“Green means go!”

Our Green Cleaning Practices and Principles

  1. Focus on entryways inside and out.  Most pollutants and dirt enter a building on people’s feet, so it’s important to thoroughly clean all entryway floors, mats and grates.
  2. Minimize particles and chemicals in the air.  Apply cleaning products directly to towels/cloths, rather than spraying the surface or item to be cleaned.
  3. Use of eco-friendly cleaning products and chemicals. Eliminate the direct use of bleach or ammonia.
  4. Focus on touch-points and commonly touched surfaces.  Door knobs, switch plates, and telephones should be disinfected regularly.
  5. Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times.  Safety gloves should be worn at all times to prevent direct contact with cleaning products and soils.  Safety glasses and face masks should be worn in situations where there is chemical handling, dilution or storage.
  6. Safety first.  Place “wet floor signs” in conspicuous areas when mopping floors.
  7. Prevent cross-contamination.  Our color-coded cloth system directs employees to use colored cloths in corresponding areas.  We use only disposable toilet tissue and paper towels on restroom toilets and urinals.
  8. Minimize chemical and product use.  Cleaning products should be used sparingly.  Too much cleaning product will leave behind product residue and wastes cleaning chemicals.

The Quality of Green

Another common green myth is that green products and services are less effective than their non-green counterparts. Green cleaning products do not sacrifice quality or effectiveness by being eco-friendly. Our equipment, products and materials are not only environmentally preferable, but they are comparable in effectiveness to traditional cleaning supplies. Click on the additional links to learn more about our high-quality cleaning productsequipment and practices.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Benefits

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality by Eliminating Chemical Particles, Dust, and Allergens.
  • Reduces Chemicals and Dangerous Fumes.
  • Completely Eliminates the Use of Highly Toxic Chemicals.
  • Enhances a Company’s Green Image.
  • Reduces Injuries, Sickness, Health-Related Issues and Employee Absenteeism.
  • Results in Cleaner, More Sanitary Environments.
  • Reduces our Environmental Footprint.

Industrial-Strength, Less Toxic Cleaners

GreenAir Cleaning Systems uses Green Seal certified cleaning products for both residential and commercial properties. Green Seal certified chemicals are just as effective as conventional cleaning products, but contain less chemicals and toxic fumes. Additionally and as requested by clients we can use a stronger germicidal in restrooms and a stronger degreaser compound in kitchens. Using green cleaning products is the minimum for providing a safe environment for employees, customers, children and pets.The Green Seal organization is recognized as the leader in environmental standards and credibility and all certified products must pass stringent testing for both effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

High-Performing, Energy Efficient Cleaning Equipment

GreenAir Cleaning Systems exclusively uses HEPA filter vacuum cleaners, which are preferable when dealing with dust or allergens. We utilize back-pack vacuums, upright vacuums and canister vacuums depending on the floor material and service requests.

Microfiber Materials

All of our cleaning cloths and towels are made from microfiber material, which are preferred for green cleaning because of its effectiveness and environmental sustainability. Enduring up to 500 washings before needing replacement, Microfiber is much more effective at capturing dust and dirt than traditional materials like cotton, and reaches deep down into the pores of surfaces for more effective cleaning.

LEED-Compliant, Green Cleaning Practices

GreenAir Cleaning Systems implements a color-coded cleaning system that prevents cross-contamination, increases productivity, and improves training and communication. Using a color-coded system makes it easy for employees to determine which cloths and products should be used in particular areas and increases cleaning productivity time. By separating high and low-risk areas by color, we prevent bacteria from being transferred and effectively create a more sanitary environment.