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Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx

Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx

Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx

GreenAir Cleaning Systems provides professional, green cleaning services to offices, office facilities, and office buildings located in the Bronx borough of New York City. Our office cleaning services may include general office upkeep, individual desk, cubicle, and workstation cleaning, garbage removal, restroom sanitization, kitchen disinfecting, carpet vacuuming, hardwood floor sweeping and mopping, and hard-surface floor dust mopping and wet mopping.

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Our company services all sizes of facilities, from small offices (around 1,000 square feet) all the way up to large office facilities (over 20,000 square feet). We provide cleaning services on a frequency that fits the facility’s needs – from once per week to five days per week. We can also provide services during any time of day to better suit the business’ operations – from early morning office cleanings before the business opens, to afternoon office cleanings while the business is opened, to evening/night office cleanings after the business is closed. Our Bronx office cleaning services will fit your facility’s size, needs, and budget.

About the Bronx

GreenAir Cleaning Systems includes the Bronx in its service area because we concentrate all of our cleaning operations in the city of New York. The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City along with Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and is the borough located most north. Despite the Bronx being located at the top end of NYC, GreenAir Cleaning Systems is equipped to handle and provide cleaning services to all offices located throughout the Bronx. According to Wikipedia and the United States Census Bureau page for the Bronx, the borough of the Bronx is home to 1.44 million people, ranking it 4th in population among the five boroughs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are also 111,000 businesses located in the borough of the Bronx, which demonstrates the need for a professional office cleaning service in the Bronx to service the area. Over the past 35 years, New York City has seen a continued population growth, with the Bronx playing a vital role in that growth. Community groups, housing development organizations, and city programs have revitalized the Bronx since it’s dark days of the 70’s, which has led to safer neighborhoods, commercial development, and a growing economy.

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Bronx Neighborhoods Serviced

  • Kingsbridge Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx
  • Fordham
  • Bedford Park Commercial Cleaning in Bronx NY
  • Riverdale Cleaning Services in the Bronx NY
  • Woodlawn
  • University Heights Office Cleaning Bronx
  • Belmont Area
  • East Tremont Janitorial Services in BX
  • Highbridge
  • Hunts Point
  • Longwood
  • Melrose
  • Morrisania
  • Morris Heights Office Cleaning Services Bronx
  • Tremont
  • West Farms
  • Pelham Gardens Green Cleaning Services in Bronx NY
  • Morris Park Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx NY
  • City Island
  • Eastchester Commercial Cleaning Services in BX
  • Baychester
  • Allerton
  • Castle Hill
  • Edgewater Park
  • Parkchester Janitorial Services BX
  • Bruckner
  • Pelham Bay Cleaning Services in Bronx
  • Soundview
  • Westchester Square Green Cleaning in the Bronx

Bronx Office Cleaning Benefits with GreenAir Cleaning

Green Check Great Attention to Detail with Office Cleaning Services for Bronx Offices from Disinfecting Doorknobs to Cleaning Conference Tables

Green Check Smarter and Healthier Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx with Our Green Cleaning Approach

Green Check Your Bronx Neighbors, Loyal Employees,and Everyday Customers Will Appreciate Our Use of Green Cleaning Products and Equipment for your Bronx Office.

Why Choose GreenAir Cleaning for Office Cleaning Services in the Bronx?

We implement our green cleaning approach in all of the facilities and offices we clean in the Bronx. Our main line of office cleaning chemicals is Green Seal certified and we use smart eco-friendly systems to manage and maintain an office. Our cleaners are all bonded and insured, and uniformed while cleaning your property. Contact us today to receive a Free, No-Strings Attached, office cleaning quote for your Bronx office facility!

Attractions in the Bronx, New York

The borough of the Bronx is home to some wonderful parks, neighborhoods, schools, and one renowned sports team. We’ve made a list of some of the borough’s best attractions whether you’re a tourist venturing northward, or just a local city resident who hasn’t seen what the Bronx has to offer.

Bronx Zoo – One of the best and biggest city zoos in the word! Thousands of animals, seasonal exhibits, water shows, and children’s activities. Located in the center of the south Bronx, easily accessible by car, train or bus.

New York Botanical Garden – The New York Botanical Garden hosts an array of gardens, exhibits, shows, and other events showcasing their beautiful flowers, plants, and outdoor wildlife.

Wave Hill – Wave Hill is one of our personal favorites for a relaxing, serene, picturesque day of flowers, water views, and exhibits.

City Island – City Island is a small island off the east cost of the Bronx and features a variety of seafood and American restaurants.

New York Yankees Stadium – Home to the New York Yankees, one of sport’s most winning teams in history, located on River Avenue, this ballpark has been the home to names such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera.

Yankee Stadium Bird's Eye View

Van Cortlandt Park – Van Cortlandt Park is one of the largest parks in New York City and is located in the north-west region of the Bronx. The beautiful landscape offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, which are fun and plentiful.

Pelham Bay Park – The largest park in New York City is Pelham Bay Park, which offers bike paths, hiking trails, water views, playgrounds, and many open fields.

Bronx High School of Science – Known as one of the most prestigious public high schools in New York City, Bronx High School of Science is located in the western region of the borough.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine – Named after one of the most brilliant scientists in world history, Albert Einstein College of Medicine follows its namesake, as one of the premier educational and research institutions for the sciences.

Taqueria Tlaxcalli – The Yelp reviews say it all! One of the best authentic Mexican restaurants in the country serving one of the best burritos in the country (according to the Food channel) is located in a small ethnic area of south-east Bronx.

Liebman’s Deli – Serving roast beef, pastrami, tongue, and everything between, Liebman’s Deli is located in Riverdale and offers the most authentic Jewish specialties that cannot be missed.

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