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Corporate Business Cleaning

Corporate Business Cleaning

Corporate and Business Cleaning in New York City

Our company provides a full line of corporate and business cleaning services to clients with properties and locations in New York City. Our client manager can work with your company to set up cleaning services for corporate buildings, housing, apartments, vacation rentals, events, parties and conferences. We offer a single point of contact for all of your corporate cleaning needs. Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive corporate and business cleaning services.



International Companies, National Companies, Local Companies, Corporate Buildings, Corporate Housing, Business Events


Service Areas

New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Five Boroughs of NYC


Schedule Options

7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon, evening and night


Corporate Cleaning Benefits and Advantages

Green Check Single Point of Contact for All of Your Corporate Cleaning Needs to Give You Peace of Mind

Green Check Employees and Executives Appreciate the Exclusive Use of Non-Toxic, Green Cleaning Products for a Safe and Healthy Environment

Green Check Personalized Cleaning Programs to Suit Your Company’s Budget and Needs


Cleaning Discounts, Deals and Specials

Green Check Contact us for more information about corporate cleaning discounts


Sample Corporate Headquarters Cleaning Checklist

• Empty Wastebaskets
• Dust Furniture, Chairs, Tables
• Brush Sofa/Lounge Chairs in Waiting Area
• Dust Picture Frames, Artwork, Collectibles
• Dust Ledges, Shelves, Cabinets
• Disinfect Telephones, Keyboards, Mice
• Disinfect Doorknobs, Handles, Light Switches
• Damp-Wipe Computer Screens
• Dust Desk Tops
• Air Freshen Property
• High Dust Lights
• Clean Interior Windows and Windowsills

• Sweep or Dust-Mop Hard Surface Floors
• Vacuum Hard Surface Floors
• Wet-Mop Hard Surface Floors
• Vacuum Area Rugs
• Burnish Floors

• Empty Trash and Waste Containers
• Refill Dispensers (Soap, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Etc.)
• Clean Mirrors
• Clean and Sanitize Sink and Fixtures
• Clean and Sanitize Toilet and Urinals
• Spot Clean Partitions and Walls
• Sweep and Wet-Mop Floors

• Damp-Wipe Countertops
• Clean and Disinfect Sink and Fixtures
• Damp-Wipe Exterior of Appliances
• Damp-Wipe Tops of Tables and Chairs
• Sweep and Wet-Mop Floors
• Spot Clean Interior of Appliances

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