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“Use our commercial cleaning calculator to calculate your office cleaning costs.”

How Much Are Office Cleaning Prices in the United States?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. If you manage or own a business and are soliciting cleaning service quotes, you need to know a ballpark of how much you should pay. In order to help you make the most well-informed decision for your business, we’ve provided a bunch of resources below including a commercial cleaning calculator, a cleaning pricing chart, tips on how to get the best quotes, and a comprehensive guide to fill you in on every little detail there is to know about how a cleaning company determines its prices for clients.

Cleaning Service Cost Calculator

We’ve created a simple, practical cleaning cost calculator that can be used to determine a price range for offices, commercial spaces, and even residences.

Simply input the location of your property, the estimated cleaning hours per visit, and cleaning frequency per week and the calculator will calculate a range of what you can expect to pay.

Ultimate Guide to Office Cleaning Prices

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all hourly rate or price per square foot that you can expect to pay. Office cleaning prices depend on many factors including:

1) Geographic Area

– Where is your office located? A major metropolitan like Brooklyn, New York City or a small town like Port Washington, Wisconsin?

2) Scope of Office Cleaning Services

– What areas and tasks do you want cleaned? Do you need additional services such as window cleaning? Do you want a basic service or a full service?

3) Frequency of Office Cleaning Services

– Do you want your office cleaned five times per week (daily) or is one time per week sufficient?

4) Size of Facility

– Do you run a small 1,000 square foot office or a large 30,000 square foot facility?

After reading the Ultimate Guide to Office Cleaning Prices, you will be well-versed in how an office cleaning company determines its price quotes for customers, and you should be able to calculate a cost that your business can expect to pay. We’ve also included a free, simple commercial cleaning calculator for your use at the top of the article.

1. Geographic Area

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The geographic area where the cleaning company and client are located plays a significant factor on pricing. If you live in a smaller city or rural town, there will be fewer verified, professional cleaning service providers. There may be many “cleaners” offering services, but you should always be sure that any contractor in your space is bonded, insured, trusted, and professional. With fewer quality cleaning vendors, there is a lower supply, and the best cleaning companies are able to charge a higher price for cleaning services, averaging a few dollars more per hour or per square foot.

*Travel and parking costs may factor into the quote based on where your office is located.

If you live in a busy metropolitan area, there will be a large supply of potential cleaning service providers, and a proportionately high number of high quality cleaning service providers. Even though the demand is high with a large number of clients needing cleaning services, the supply is also high and therefore cleaning companies have to charge a lower, competitive rate.

Average Hourly Rate Ranges For Office Cleaning:

Range of Office Cleaning Service Pricing: Median: $18/hour – $35/hour
Small City Office Cleaning Service Pricing: Median: $21/hour – $30/hour
Large City Office Cleaning Service Pricing: Median: $18/hour – $25+/hour

Be aware that cleaning quotes can certainly reflect the type of service you will end up receiving. This is not always the case, but in general you get what you pay for. Always base your decision off a plethora of factors such as the impression you get when the cleaning service representative walks-through your facility, the presentation of the bid/proposal, word of mouth, testimonials, and client pictures. If you base your decision solely off price, it will end up costing you more in the long run and may lead to a lack of quality cleaning, poor consistency, and unreliable customer service.


Request all prospective cleaning companies to perform a walk-through of your space in addition to providing you with a quote. During the walk-through, feel free to mention that your business is receiving walk-throughs and quotes from multiple companies. As with any negotiation, you want to alert the vendor that there are other cleaning companies competing for your business to get the best rate possible.
GreenAir Cleaning Systems, Inc. can provide you with a quote for cleaning services without seeing your office facility space. If the quote provided fits your budget and you would like to proceed in the process, a GreenAir representative will perform a walk-through of your facility to confirm all specifications and meet with you our prospective client before executing the contract.

2. Scope of Office Cleaning Services

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The scope of office cleaning services refers to what tasks and areas you want cleaned, and determines the equipment, time, and labor necessary to perform the work. This is directly correlated to the price quote. If you have 50 employees and want every individual desk, monitor, and keyboard thoroughly cleaned, then that would require more time, labor, and increased costs. We estimate that cleaning 50 individual desks, monitors, and keyboards would require an additional 30 minutes of cleaning.

Before you reach out to new prospective cleaning services, you should determine what you want cleaned in your office. Do you want basic office upkeep or do you want deep cleanings such as the keyboards cleaned and disinfected daily? Some businesses elect for simple services – trash removal, restroom sanitization and floor cleaning. Most businesses want something more comprehensive often incorporating individual desk cleaning, conference room cleaning, dusting, and breakroom/kitchen cleaning.

Basic Services: Easiest and cheapest option and requires the least amount of labor hours by the cleaner. If you have a strict budget, then have your employees be responsible for cleaning their own desks and hire a commercial cleaning service to clean the common areas and remove the trash.

Comprehensive Services: Requires more time, labor, and management, and will increase the price quote. If you regularly have clients, meetings, and other events in your office, it makes sense to outsource the entire job to a dependable office cleaning service. The cleaning vendor will take care of everything from the basics to maintaining the kitchen, cleaning the conference room, and disinfecting the door knobs.

One-Time Deep Cleaning: Initial deep cleanings are generally required at the beginning of any cleaning program before starting regular cleaning services and normally requires a crew with multiple cleaners and a high number of labor hours. Deep cleanings are well worth the upfront cost to a business. It allows the cleaning service to bring the entire facility up to their standards, and to have a fresh start.

Additional Services

There are other additional services you can request such as floor buffing/burnishing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and power washing. These services are generally priced separately from your normal cleaning program since you will only require them periodically. If all of the services are clumped together in one price quote, it’s a good idea to ask that the services be itemized separately so you know what you’re paying for in case you want to increase/decrease specific services later on.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is a service premium. Most companies are not green or eco-friendly, some companies are partially green, and a select few companies can accurately label themselves as a green cleaning service. GreenAir Cleaning Systems exclusively provides green office cleaning services, so you can be assured that any cleanings you receive from us will incorporate our green cleaning approach, unless you as the client want something specific that does not utilize our products or equipment.

Discussing green cleaning can be a post entirely of its own. For the sake of brevity, a company that provides green cleaning services may include in some form or another:
1) Green cleaning products (ideally Green Seal-certified products or other 3rd party labeled cleaners)
2) Green cleaning materials (microfiber cloths, dusters, towel, a color-coded system)
3) Green cleaning equipment (HEPA filter vacuum cleaners like Dyson)
4) Green cleaning supplies (personal protective equipment, gloves, face masks)
5) Green cleaning techniques (proper dilutions, water and chemical reducing procedures, targeting high-germ areas)

The extent and details of the green cleaning program will vary from company to company.


If your office requires a specialty cleaning service like carpet cleaning, try to use the same company that provides the office cleaning services. Ask for a good rate since they already have your account and wouldn’t want to lose your business to another carpet cleaning company that may eventually end up stealing you and all of your regular business as well!

3. Frequency of Office Cleaning Services

The frequency of cleaning services inherently plays a role in the pricing of cleaning services. Cleaning companies normally provide prospective customers with a quote for monthly billing.

An office that only requires one (1) cleaning visit per week will pay a lower monthly billing than an office that requires two (2) cleaning visits per week.

However, an office that only requires one (1) cleaning visit per week, will be charged more per visit, than the office requiring two (2) cleaning visits per week.

Take for example the exact same office receiving quotes for 1x/week and 2x/week office cleaning services:

1x/Week Cleaning Service: $89 Per Cleaning = $386.00/Month
2x/Week Cleaning Service: $70 Per Cleaning = $606.00/Month

In the above example, the monthly cleaning quote for 1x/week service ($386) is cheaper than the monthly quote for 2x/week service ($606), but the price per cleaning for 1x/week service ($89) is more expensive than the price for 2x/week service ($70).

The reason is simple: offices that are serviced twice per week, do not accrue and accumulate as much dust and dirt between visits, and therefore require less hours of cleaning per visit. Offices that are serviced once per week accumulate a lot more dust and dirt between visits and require more hours of cleaning during the one time per week cleaning visit. Most companies will also give you a discount per visit, if you increase the amount of visits per week. This is economies of scale working in your favor if you require cleanings more frequently.


Establish how frequently you need office cleaning services based on your office’s foot traffic and daily operations. Check the scope of work to make sure you’re not paying for “High Dusting the Ceiling 5 days per week”!

4. Size of Facility

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Finally, the size of your office facility will be a major factor in the price of commercial cleaning services. A larger facility will equal more cleanable square footage, and the cleaning company will schedule their employees for more hours of cleaning. The higher the labor costs are for the company, the higher the rate will be for the customer. How do you determine how big your facility is? Use this guide to determining square footage: Square Footage Calculator

Professional Laser Measure

In order to obtain the most accurate measurements, we use a laser measure which allows you to quickly and precisely measure the distance from one wall or object to another. Here’s one from that’s relatively inexpensive and can save you a lot of time and money:


There’s not much you can do about the size of your building. However, you may be able to locate areas of your office that don’t require regular cleaning, and are not part of the “cleanable square footage”. Some possible areas might be: storage closets, telecommunication rooms, rooms containing expensive or valuable items, individual offices, or basements.

Cleaning Quotes

Many cleaning service companies allow you to schedule a walk-through of your facility and receive a free quote. When hiring an office cleaning company, or any contractor, you should perform due diligence and compare the different proposals and quotes of several different companies. GreenAir Cleaning Systems provides a request a quote form online, which will allow us to contact you with a quote based on your facility specifications and requirements.

Last Minute Money Saving Tips

1. Tell the Cleaning Company Your Budget. It never hurts for the company to know how much you want to spend.
2. Small – Medium Sized Cleaning Companies Provide More Personal Services. The larger franchise or chain cleaning companies generally are not owner-operated, and have a trickle down management chain, with very little customer contact and communication.
3. Clean Your Office Before the Walk-Through. The cleaning company may charge you a hefty price for an initial deep clean. They will also see your office on its “worst day”. Lastly, they will know you are desperate for a cleaning service.

4. Know Your Specs and Requirements. The cleaning company may not try to rip you off, but if you don’t know the square footage of the space, they will have to estimate it.
5. Consider Providing Your Own Equipment. Most offices require the basic supplies – cleaning products, cloths, duster, broom, dustpan, mop, and mop bucket wringer. Ask for a quote including the equipment and not including the equipment to determine the cost-benefit of providing it on your own.

Calculate Your Own Cleaning Quote

1. Estimate number of hours it will take to clean your office.
2. Multiply that number by the number of times per week you want your office cleaned.
3. Multiply that number by 52.
4. Divide that number by 12.
5. Multiply that number by $18 and by $25.

Those two numbers will be the range of cleaning quotes you should expect to see from cleaning companies if you live in a large metropolitan area like Brooklyn, New York City.

Office/Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart

If you’ve made it this far, here is a general grid of office cleaning service costs. This is based on a company providing office cleaning services in NYC and a typical cleaning program.

nyc office cleaning costs pricing

*Disclaimer: GreenAir Cleaning Systems, Inc. and may earn a small commission for our review, endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, or link to any products or services from our website. Any and all endorsements made for any products listed on our website have not been affected, or biased by earning a commission.


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