6 Reasons to Hire Green Office Cleaners in New York

1) It Costs the Same

Yep, it’s finally come true. The cost to hire an eco-friendly office cleaning service vs. a conventional office cleaning service is so minimal that it is now comparatively equal, and any difference in price is negligible. How is that possible? Green products and equipment are now becoming the standard in the industry and manufacturing has finally caught up with demand, making the price of green supplies comparably in line with the cost of non-green supplies.

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2) It’s Better for Your Health

Cleaning products from 30 years ago used to contain so many toxic chemicals, that many cleaners and janitors have developed respiratory or other health issues from continuous exposure to them. Reality Check: Many cleaning services still use older, heavily toxic products. Reality Check 2: Even though you aren’t the person cleaning, residual chemicals on surfaces and fumes can negatively affect your health over a long period of time. New cleaning services that employ green office cleaners are aware of the positive health benefits and want to make sure their employees and clients are out of harm’s way.

The link below is an article from the New York Times stating that use of bleach in one’s household has been tied to increased rates of respiratory illnesses in children:


3) It’s Less Abrasive on Office Furniture, Equipment, and Surfaces

Green cleaning products are manufactured and designed especially to be less abrasive on surfaces, materials, furniture, and equipment. Conventional products may corrode and eventually wear down surfaces such as wood, tile, or plastic. The bottom line is that wear and tear happens to all materials, but the rate at which surfaces wear and tear can be significantly decreased by using green cleaning products.

4) It’s Environmentally Friendly

This is where it all started from. Green cleaning products are biodegradable, emit less VOCs into the air, and are generally manufactured using less energy and waste than traditional manufacturing processes. Likewise, green materials such as microfiber are very eco-friendly compared to cotton, and you can read more about their green benefits here: Green Cleaning in New York.

5) Your Employees Will Appreciate Your Efforts

There are little things you can do to make your employees feel valued and cared for, and hiring a green ny office cleaning service is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Your employees know that most managers and bosses only care about one thing: the bottom line. Cutting costs typically comes down to what is considered a necessity vs. a luxury. Undoubtedly having a clean office is a necessity, but having it done in an eco-friendly manner can be seen as an unnecessary additional expense. If you’ve been reading this post, you should know that that price difference is a mirage of the past, and you can comfortably provide your office and employees with a green cleaning program.

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7) It Cleans Better

To put it bluntly, an office is not the infectious, grease-laden, clean up job that a hospital or restaurant would be. Yes there are germs, bacteria, dirt and dust, but there is nothing that requires medical grade germicidal – that would be overkill. Green cleaning products that are certified by Green Seal have been vigorously tested for not only their environmental benefits but for their cleaning effectiveness. Any Green Seal certified commercial cleaning product will be able to clean an office just as well if not better than any non green cleaning product.


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